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  1. Thats very true as well as the issue with the tiles are already over moisture then using a steam vacuum seems to add to the problem instead
  2. I don't get what you mean, you mean plastering instead of putting the tiles?
  3. Homogeneous tiles are like that they look very nice but have to be maintained
  4. I had someone installed it before, so far its been 8 years according to him and no issues
  5. Matte the colour of the tiles are more subdued actually
  6. No i think it would be a good investment because end of the day its something that would be very useful
  7. The best thing you can do is get yourself those industrial ear plugs like they use in those metal stamping factories, you won't be able to hear a thing when you use those plugs when you sleep
  8. I don't know why but i seem to like click viny alot, lol
  9. Most renovation contractors will have access to terrazzo tiles, its quite common
  10. From what i know the gap is normal, even mine also has this small gap
  11. MikeLim

    Wood Fireplace

    TS have you completed the fireplace yet? Can show us a photo of it? Sounds really interesting and i am also considering something similar
  12. For me i would just buy the table, i am too lazy to build it, lol
  13. The wood items you can get at sungei kadut or jalan besar. Use those hardwoods it better and more sturdy
  14. If you really want the hollow concrete blocks, can try Tuas area