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  1. nice colour scheme, thanks for sharing your lovely home
  2. are these hydroponics system utilizes electricity, seems not, how does the water flow work?
  3. nice, just a few wall painting and table plants decor add on should make the living complete
  4. The round daybed might occupy much space in your living area, better double check the size first. the first and second daybed seems more practical as can treat them as part of your living sofa set.
  5. I am using GIMP is a freeware, if you know photoshop then GIMP is similar
  6. You are welcome, ya, I think the first grey looks better too. The wall finish can be white base materials like tile, color glass or the same snow white stone you have for kitchen top should look good also
  7. No sure if I get the colour of your timber floor right, here the simple image edit done for you, hope help
  8. It will feel good to have a bay window for casual reading and light breakfast
  9. ehwee

    Need 3D impression

    Hi I might help up, you can get more information on getinteriordesignonline.com Do text me if you need it
  10. overlay is cheaper and easier yet do check the items below: 1. if the existing waterproofing still in good conditions 2. do ask your contractor about how they going to do on the tile sloping junctions around floor trap as you will need to raise and replace your existing old trap for long terms staying will suggest to replacing with new tile and water proofing membrane too. But I will be more expensive as you need to hack the at least bottom 1ft of wall tile to redo the water proofing on these wall level as well....
  11. It's depend on the works that you need from ID, like design only or project management also, how big is the areas you need design input, etc.
  12. Hi, I can provide interior design scheme and 3D views for your home thru getinteriordesignonline.com Do pm me if you need more infos, thanks.