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  1. Neither, DIY the rental. Tenancy agreement, you can find various samples yourself on the internet. If you are not comfortable about drafting the TA, you can hire a lawyer who shall probably pull one from a existing template. Bear in mind, the tenant may want to make some changes to the terms and conditions of the TA. You can obtain past rental data of the apartments/condo from www.URA.gov.sg. This will aid you in deciding how much you want to rent out the unit. The reasons why I chose to DIY. 1) When bad things happen, property salesperson is never around. Once they paid, they vanish till a year or two later just before the TA expires. 2) Lawyer services are not cheap. One advice: take the security deposit and 1st month rental in cash!
  2. Just got rid of a family of 4 non-paying tenants, a Malay man with NRIC S14XXX98A.
  3. I am also looking for one. Any good recommendations?
  4. I too am looking for professional cleaners. The kind where they will clean a unit thoroughly prior to moving in. Any company to recommend?
  5. Is there any website where we can find out if the seller/owner of a HDB aprt is bankrupt?
  6. You need to read thru' all the documents. At what stage of the purchase process you are in? Why did you request for a revaluation of the valuation report? Was it because it was expiring? What extension of stay are you referring to?
  7. Contract template you can obtain by googling for it. There are many samples to refer to. It is in the advantage of the tenant to get the agreement stamped. If the agreement is not stamped, they can evicted anytime. http://www.iras.gov.sg/irasHome/page04.aspx?id=8578 Remember to get one month advance as security deposit.
  8. Contract... you mean tenancy agreement, right? Was there a tenancy agreement stamped? If tenant defaults on payment, you should get a writ of distress from the Court. Remember you are the landlord, you own the apartment so you have the upper hand. What was agreed in the tenancy agreement?
  9. My opinion... Good agent should advise and accompany the seller to SP services located in HDB hub to terminate the utilities account at specific date during the first appointment. Good agent should advise and accompany the buyer to SP services to re-activate the utilities account. Renovators need water and electricity. Also, agent can also help to purchase the fire insurance while the seller/buyer wait for their turn. HDB will do the HDB inspection to check if there have been unauthorized/illegal modifications to aprt and call the buyer to inform them the outcome. Final inspection is up to buyers and sellers. This is because final inspection should be carried out after sellers have completely vacated from their flat. Coordination effort can be done by their agents or themselves. If everything the buyers have to do themselves... engage agent for what? If buyers have to engage an agent, at least get the agent to chauffeur you guys around to view flats. Cos after the signatures are penned on the comms agreement, you have pretty much agreed to pay them and some of them kinda provide lousy services after that.
  10. You signed commission agreement? If you have, you lan lan have to pay him even if you terminate his service.
  11. I think you need to spend time going through the sat papers, making calls and visiting those apartments for sale. Don't worry about wasting agent's time or owner's time? Allowing potential buyers to view their apartment is part and parcel of selling. I don't think you should make your $10k offer but you should ask for the COV that the seller is asking for. Eventually you may have to contact the seller. The seller will have to be willing to wait for the exclusivity contract before they can transact with you. Good luck!
  12. LRT, mistake or not... I don't mind having that running around my neighbourhood.
  13. Just my experience... Most Yale cam lock turn in one direction so cannot use. The moving arm of some cheaper locks used for locking drawing may be too long for use in the letter box. So, need to saw off the excess portion. I think the simplest way to change letterbox lock is to check with your town council first (see link below). http://www.amk-ycktc.org.sg/index.php?opti...2&Itemid=62