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  1. i m looking for small remote control lights (if run by battery) will be good. if not can recommend what is good. Also looking for Crestar Ceiling fan for a bedroom. If you can recommend and send a catalogue will be good. Looking for one with remote control . email me at elgin.ee@gmail.com
  2. i'm intersted in mitsubishi starmex inverter system one (12k btu). include installation. private house. Pls pm or email me price. elgin.ee@gmail.com
  3. can email me if you have remote control lights for master bedroom? Can send me catalogue for wall hang fan good and reliable ones as well. send to elgin.ee@gmail.com or pm me thank you
  4. ivy can send me the list? thanx u in advance
  5. hi can anyone pm me the carpenter's number? thank you elgin_79@hotmail.com thnx in advance
  6. If you got mr Quek's contact dun mind sharing with me. Thankx
  7. can pm me the contact of your electrician? thanx
  8. can send me the jb man contact for making curtains? Thank you very much !! If anyone got JB contacts also do let me know
  9. dont bring the same quote down to another ID. I would think it's better this way. Know your budget. For example your budget is 45k. Go to another ID tell them your budget is 40k or 38k and tell them what your requirements are and ask them to propose any necessary things. Then ask them give you a quote. Chances are the quotation will be around 43-44k. Then you can add in or take away item from the quotation comparing it with others. !! At least this is what i recommend u to do always let them know your budget minus 3-5k
  10. You should be having free consultation from these IDs wanting to earn your business. One of my IDs that i considered even drew out the 3d design for me for certain designs but however in the end i did not choose him. But that's just show how much they want to do your business. The drawing of the 3d cost should be borne by them. Check for HDB licence also as said by the previous post. Feel free to pm me if you got any questions. Just signed up with an ID last week only after screening through like 4-5 quotations and doing alot of research work. !!
  11. Ya you got it right. I'm a little on budget and that's why I have only chosen these 3 systems to select from. Thanx for the feedback Just wondering which system is more reliable and would better suit my needs as for gaming and watching tv. I do not really need very powerful systems. Just normal will do. The thing is just between panasonic and philips as which has a more reliable sound system.
  12. Need advice from brothers or experts here as regards to selecting to buy a HT system (600-1k) 3 models i looking at 1) Panasonic SC-PT850 http://www.panasonic.com.sg/web/pid/5036 2) Philips HTS6600 http://www.consumer.philips.com/cons...tem+HTS6600-98 3) Philips HTS3548W http://www.consumer.philips.com/cons...em+HTS3548W-98 I use the HT system for a) Gaming b) Watching Movies/TV on HDTV I really hope i can get advice on which one of these gives me the best value for money and is the better one. Would appreciate if anyone would recommend other brands or other models around that range (600-1k). Thank you very much.
  13. Sorry i'm abit noob here -.- I'm totally lost at the terms bkk or watever mkk where is this place? and how to get therE?
  14. Hi Mr Chong, Have sent you a pm. Coz the previous time i tried to send you a pm it did not manage to get through. This is the correct aligment for my house. The actual plan looks like that Hope it's not a bad thing. Have not shifted in yet. Renovations are not done yet as well. Still deciding on the design and the ID. Address is blk 989d Jurong west st 93. on the six floor. Will need advice on 1) where to place water feature if needed 2) beds placement 3) how to and where to enhance the fengshui of the house for both me and my wife 4) placement of stove 5) I intend to use partitions with a sliding door to split the living/dining room into a living (entertainment room) and a dining room. Is it advisable to do it? 6) other advices you can offer So Sorry bout the delay and thank you very much