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  1. Hi there, does anyone has experience bringing in your own contractor to work with your ID? I'm planning to get a separate contractor to work on handyman areas, like hacking, plumbing, electrical, ceiling, painting, windows and glass doors etc., while keeping my ID for mainly masonry and carpentry works. I've gotten my ID based on word-of-mouth recommendation, and signed her up in good faith without scrubbing the line items too much as I was more focused on getting a reliable ID who can do a turnkey project, and was prepared to pay a slight premium for service, assurance of quality and workmanship Although my rapport and experience with her has been good thus far (planning stage only), it was only recently that I realized the charges she quoted me are substantially more premium than the market rate. Since I cannot get out of the contract as that'll mean forfeiting my deposit, my thinking now is to get a contractor to work on those areas I mentioned above instead, which are mainly 'destruction' and installation work. Of course, I'll still attempt to speak with her first about my concerns. In the meantime, appreciate advice and sharing of experience from anyone in this forum who has been through similar situations and/or did the above. Do let me know too if you have recommendation of good, reliable and honest contractor to work with. Thanks.
  2. Hi YanNee, thanks for sharing. Can PM me your quote details, and contractor firm and contact? Much thanks?