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  1. I used India Black Galaxy for kitchen too. No problem with maintenance. Paid $110/ft with 40mm drop. The gold flakes in the granite are of medium sized type... cheaper for smaller gold flakes. Black galaxy with large gold flakes are a bit more expensive but some don't like it 'cos too much gold to look at.
  2. Hi cjb, I only knew tt they are tempered glass, I think 'natural' glass colour...
  3. Hi cjb, My glass backing is the spray paint on tempered glass type. No problem so far. Having read Keltong's comment, I am keeping my crossed. Cheers!
  4. Hi tofler, No problem at all. We don't have to squeeze to sit on the WC. Your ID should know the space for leg room. Cheers!
  5. My kitchen got glass backing but I didn't install metal rod... cos prefer to keep all the stuff in cabinets/drawers.
  6. Am sleeping on a Dunlopillo King-sized for the past 3 years. Good. Before that, I was using Simmon. Better! After 10 years the Simmon bed is still in excellent condition.
  7. Hi, My master bathroom is using black homogeneous floor tile (rough surface) and black Marquina marble vanity top... not entirely all black as 3 of the walls are in cream colour homogeneous tile. The other so-called 'featured wall' inside the shower cubicle is using rough surface greenish-grey ceramic tiles.
  8. Got mine from Ocean Granite at Balestier Rd. Black Marquina Cream Marfil
  9. My Display Set at main entrance doorway.
  10. My wardrobe and study http://img74.imageshack.us/my.php?image=40...ardrobe1qi7.jpg http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=50study1tb8.jpg