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Item Missing During Renovation

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Had something similar happen to me. TV and some appliances were stolen. Not once but twice.

The circumstances of the case led me to conclude it simply had to be someone working within the week. Most likely the electrician and his workers.

The items totalled more than 1k in monetary value but I'm currently still withholding the final 5% payment, which doesn't come up that figure either. What else can I do? The police are taking terribly long to investigate this case. Look, I know burglary is a relatively small offence compared to the rapes/murders/slashings but the way investigations are proceeding, the culprit might have sold the items, take a nice beach holiday and still have enough time to study for his O Levels.

Weirdest thing is, the exact same thing happened to my neighbour! Electrical workers doing some stuff, they left the house; when they returned, TV + others were gone. Both of us surmised that it could not have been anything other than an inside job. Items were stolen the VERY DAY they were shifted into the house, meaning only the workers would have seen these items. Would you randomly break into a flat on the VERY DAY that valuables were shifted in so you can catch the owners offguard? Go figure...

And yeah, I know it's my fault for not locking all the stuff up, but there was very limited space to work with and my lease had expired so I had no other choice.


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which is why there must another set of lock n chain to secure the place whenever the reno ends for the day. the key is not released to anyone else but the owner.


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