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Bomb Shelter

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Hi , i have a question about the bomb shelter aka household shelter (HS).

I having a 4 room flat, so there isn't room for a study. I was thinking of converting the HS to a study.

There will not be any fix furniture, just a table and chair.

I believe the million dollar question is , how do you get ventilation in the small space.

I was thinking of installing a flexible duct with fan to one of the ventilation cover.

From the HDB rules, it seem one of the ventilation can be block during peacetime.

Is my idea workable ? :unsure:


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Some IDs proposed to remove the door and leave the door inside the bomb shelter. I think if u really like to convert into a study, what u could do is removed the door, hang a big mirror on the door (use it as a support) and hence enlarge the entire area. Install a roller blind to replace the door if your house is not noisy. Install a Tic-tac door with perforated hole on top of the door is another option.

Not sure how noisy it can be if u use an exhaust suction fan and u likely can hear 'hmm' sound and echo in a small enclosed space.

in a small space like this, use low heat generating light and quiet and portable appliances/equipment ; like LED light, quite fan or portable aircon, small wooden table and u can use wall paper on one side opposite the mirror I suggested..

However, door and wall paper have to reinstate back to original condition when u selling the house.


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i just put a L-shape 4-level rack in it, cost me $180..

as my bomb shelter is in the kitchen, im planning to paint the door over with chalkboard paint, so it can act as a chalkboard for me to write recipe or doodle on. smile.gif

Hi JieNing,

where you got the L-shaped 4-level rack at $180 from?

Do you measured the inside of your HS to get the rack?



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