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Recommendation Of Fsm

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On 7/27/2018 at 12:47 PM, Copies said:

I saw this master tank fengshui got mentioned quite a few times in a few forums these few years. I finally engaged him not long ago as was moving.

First impression : pleasant looking middle age chubby man like those got fortune type. Stern but once he talk you know he is sincere.

Engagement : explanation very clear. Flip everything I learned. Help to explain those things that ppl tell you about this and that. No myths and no superstition.  (My fortune reading included)

After : most of it via whatapp or call. He follow for about 3.5 months till we moved in. STill does call him or whatapp him till date (once awhile), more like a friend. He also did  for my hubby business n frnds. So far no bad reviews.

As i decided to engage him after last seeing him here in this forum and have been calling/pestering him much of his time. I have decided to write this review and also  give  credits to those who recommended me to him.







Master Tank ! We were Very happy to finally met him after after his biz trip to beijing earlier in Jan... We really like his straight approach, clear explanations why bazi is traditional Chinese science instead of myth or religion which alot sense. His bazi reading is great and sharp.

Thx again MASTER Tank! Hope one day if you see this you  remember us and especially your  follow up even after we move in.

PS. Remember us..  My agent although abit scared n irritated by you running upstair and downstair of the house... ..yet in the end became more interested and asked alot more questions with our old parents than us. 


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Can some one  email the list of good and bad fsm, Thank you and very much appreciated..  I got stuck here don’t know which fsm to go for my new bio. Please kindly help .  My email addy is :-  jaz_zie_@hotmail.com



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Hi, I m trying to look for fengshui + bazi together for my new bto flat for renovation.  Can anyone kindly send me the list of good/bad fsm+bazi?  Thanks.

Email: patrizc21@gmail.com


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