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The Experience: Our First Home

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Dulux, Gentle Tide, 90GY 63/047. I super liked it too :D

Thank you mishmish! Will load more pictures soon :)

It's a pouf! Something like a stool, but not as hard or structured as one. The shop had many many colors, and we bought 2. They totally help to add a pop of color in the house :)

thanks i found it! finally!


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hello summer,

I know you probably had written it somewhere in your blog but it's kinda tough to scroll through 22 pages worth to find the information i need hehe... Therefore, can I check with you what brand of paint and color code you used for your living room (the mint green color) ?

I would like to know where did you get the chair for your study area (not the tolix chair, the other one wearing "socks")

thanks for sharing the information in advance!

By the way, your place is gorgeous!

hello sleepybeauty!

I know what you mean. But good question. I had to scroll back to find the paint because I forgot myself :P

We used Dulux. The color's not mint though, it's more... sky blue with a green tinge? It's called Gentle Tide.

You can find the pictures on this page - http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/52851-the-experience-our-first-home/page-7

As for the chair, the wooden one wearing the pink socks, I got it from Comfort Design. It was on sale; I think they were getting rid of past season stuff. Not sure if the design will still be available by now. But Comfort Design has a lot of chairs. You can still check them out - http://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/products/ :)

Thanks for visiting my t-blog! All the best with your renovation process! :D


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I am keen in ur vintage phone from kwerkee, but its no longer listed. Any idea what was the product name when you bought? thanks ahead.

I remember seeing that phone in some stores in Singapore, so you could check out local novelty stores. The brand is Wild & Wolf.

Hope you find what you want! :)


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thanks i found it! finally!

Oops. I just saw this after replying your first post. Hahaha. Thanks for patiently scrolling through to find it! :P

All the best for your reno!! :D


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Thanks Makanology! How are your windows going to be like? :)

Tile shopping today! Finally a chance to drop by the two tile shops we've been wanting to visit.


The sight of these tiles makes me happy :D


Our bigger tiles getting a coat of sealer.

We also got some of the smaller tiles. Can't wait to see them in action at home :)

Hello there!

Love your house! you really know what design you want for house

kind to share where you find this tile shop ? :dribble:

I would like to request for your ID's contact no. too please pm me thanks!!

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Congrats on your new home...me too, waiting for my 1st appt and seeing quite a number of ID in the mean time. I saw at least 15 of them but still no conclusion as to who to chose. Maybe too many quotations to consider...hope to finalize this week or next. :yamseng:


Which ID did you decided in the end? Am looking for a reliable ID.

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks & Regards


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