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Relative Quote For My 5-Room Flat. Cheap,fair,expensive?

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Hi Guys,

We are newly weds and this is our first home purchase. Appreciate any input. We will be getting keys in a week and guess we are a bit late but better late than never! We are wondering if this quote is considered cheap,fair or expensive. Basically we are taking down everything.

Firstly this is the floorplan:


The circled (or squared/rectangular) highlights are to be knocked down.

Hall+kitchen tiles are $3sgd psf. Kitchen wall also tiled tgt with both bathrooms.

1- Demolition $4,400
2- Wall/Floor Tiles + Cement & Labour $12,500
3- Ceiling & Wall Plastering $1,900 (Drop ceiling etc etc)
4- Electrical Work $3,000
5- Plumbing $1,300
6- Windows & Grilles $3,650
7- Doors Frame & Erection $2,500
8- Gate $450
9- Ceiling Work $1,300
10- Painting & Sealer $1,200
11- Carpentry Work (3 room wardrobes, Study table + shelves, Kitchen 2 rows cabinet + dining table + Tv cabinet+Toilet cabinets etc and shoe shelf ) $17,500
12- System 5 Aircon Unit
13- Study & Toilet glass screens & doors $2,300
14- Lights & Fittings $3,000
15- Sanitary Ware & Fittings $2,000

Total appx $63,000SGD. This is before appliances, furniture and accessories. ohmy.gif

Appreciate any thoughts,views on this. Thanks!

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Looking for good contractors? Click here for your request

Suggest you source for 3 more quotes. Remember, must provide the same items (meaning same materials to be used) for them to quote. Otherwise, difficult to compare. Only after further discussions with spouse, decide on the selected contractor or ID then maybe along the way add or delete items.

:thumbs up:


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True. No point comparing an apple to a cherry.

If wanna compare should compare an apple to apple :)


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Hey cinead,

I was reading about recent post on renotalk and I have been seeing

You promoting about how good sparico product are and how

You keep emphasis on this salesgirl sophia.

I was wondering whether you are sophia herself and been going around

"Self promoting" about your own company products.please do not even try to hardsell

Your own products as we consumer deserve a right to choose what we want.

Oh ya and please do not get products from sparico!!

I did my masterbedroom wardrobe(8feet) from them last year december

and now their pole system wardrobe is changing shape!!

Pricing wise the cheapest but I am looking for durable products. (You think I have no money?)

Sales rep are pretty not bad but whats the use? Can I stuff my items in them?

Secondly, for the internal structure wood which they provide did not

Match the color which I have choose initially and when I demand a refund, they

Ignored me and continued the installation of the wardrobe.

worst of all, their rollers of the sliding door has been spoilt two times,

With no guarantee, I had to pay $540 each single time for a piece of door!!!

People who have use their products and those considering buying their stuff.i would

Advice having secong thoughts about it.do not purchase any further product nor engage

Their service anymore.i am planning to dismantle their products and engaging

A new company.any recommendation?

Enraged consumer, branden lee


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Hi Brandon,

Its you AGAIN~

Kindly stop copying and pasting your post on every forum you see.

I guess you have a personal issue with me. Do i even know you??

If you think you know me, you can always PM ME and ask me out.

Dont need to hide behind you com and "Ctrl C & Ctrl V".


SO! Stop jumping into conclusion, and STALK MY POSTS.

You're **** disguisting and SO un manly to do that.


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Hi cinead I am unlike you an keyboard warrior who hides behind

The screen and "self promote" some "company" products.

Just get a life.done something guilty? Face the music.i dont know you but when I see

Your post here and there about sparico just makes me nauseous. What age kids stil on caps lock

On to start a fight online? Hmmm nice one dude!!


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Dear Cinead & Branden,

Cool off please. This forum is for people to share their home renovation experiences, put up recommendation or seek for views pertaining to the topics post.

It is up to the ppl that sought for views in RT to make the selections and not to put any blame on the sharer or blogger if they do take up recommendations.

Branden, you may have your displeasure :angry: with SPARICO. There are other RT users that also encountered dis-satisfactions and they shared. So, thank you for sharing.

Cinead has her/his rights to share about SPARICO, be it she/he is or not a sales rep from that company. I guessed he/she lost her cool when you ‘attack’ him/her whenever he/she post.

I chance upon this website and have been fortunate to obtain useful suggestions. For e.g, I engaged a direct contractor for my small scale reno after I read a blog thru some posting by edenstrauss. And also thru eden, I located a shop that does wholesale of religious items.

From RT, I also read about pole system wardrobe. I narrowed down to 2 companies, OPSH and Closet Design. I selected CD after a few rounds of factory visits and talks with both.

So......, see the magic of RT.

Hope you two end :no: the :argue: and make up :yeah:.


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