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4 Roomy To Em - Dream Come True.

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Dear bro and sis,

I am back to start a new t-blog on my new home since the last renovation done at my 4 room unit about 4 years ago.

This is a dream come true for us that at last we found our ideal location for our EM. As mentioned in some of the posting long time ago, I only target 2 blocks of EM near my existing location @ Jurong West.

Early April this year, we found one unit @ block 7xx and on 1st view we decided to ons it and pay OTP 3 days later...we didn't even look carefully at the floor plan.

As we are buying on Contra arrangement, the whole process took much longer and got our keys on 1 Aug 2014.

Started renovation on the 5th Aug and targetting completion in a month time. The progress so far is good, I will say about 75% done up.

The exisitng condition of the unit is not too bad, partial renovated about 4 years ago so I am not doing a full tear down with minimum hacking work.

I will try to update my floor plan and photos (existing, progress and current) when I have more time.

Btw, my unit is those that comes with odd shape with a lot of slated wall...you will see it when I upload the floor plan.

So far, I am confident that I can complete my renovation in time and shift in after the 7th month. Booked the date for shifting on the 8 September....

I hope my renovation journey can give some of those that has a rush schedule some confident that everything is possible thru good planning and a group of good contractors.

I done it before 4 years ago for my 4 room with 1 month completion and I believe I can do it for this unit too...

Btw my team of contractors

- ID Note - Henry

- Supreme - Kelvin

- Faith Coat - Philips

- Star Cool Aircon (Aron and Ah Boon)

I promised to give them a fair report after my renovation and I will as promised. :thumbs up:

Stay tune...


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Hi all,

Thanks for the welcoming message... I am trying to upload my floor plan, long time never do it so not sure whether it works...



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The challenge of this EM is the shape, it is supposed to be 151m2, bigger then other unit in the block but the extra space given also make me spend more money to hide them (By cabinets and wardrobe).

The most challenging is the slated wall in the living room. MBR and the 3rd bedroom (so small...)

But all these challenges, I will said till now already overcome by my day and night thinking and planning.... :)

Now there is only joy and excitment to move in by first week of Sept. Till today, my supreme laminated floor, roller shutter already done up.

Ready for my carpentary work this Wed.

Next week, will be Faint Coat to spray my toilet wall and floor for Common toilet, wall for first floor toilet and floor for MBR toilet.

Then I will say all the dusty and messy work are completed. Ready for my curtain/ blinds and Wall Paper on the 4, 5 and 6 Sept.

Full moving will be on the 8 September... :thumbs up:

Will follow up by some photo of the exisitng house but the progress photo will need to be later....stay tune. Thanks


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As the previous only did partial renovation 4 years ago but mostly overlay so I cannot overlay anymore, plus time is my main challenge, I cannot afford to hack and redo any wall or flooring.

So in the end, I decided to overlay only the balcony floor (since previously not done) overlay with laminated flooring for staircase and all 2nd floor rooms.

As for the toilet...I like the MBR toilets so I will retain all the wall tiles but the floor tiles seem to have some discoluration due to I think is chemical demage, so will be doing coating.

For the Common Toilet, very good floor and wall tiles but walau...pink toilet I cannot stand it... again it is already overlay once so no overlaying and hacking, will be spray coating the wall and the flooring and redo Vanity top, change toilet bowl

Ground floor toilet, only spraying the wall tile as it is very very old design ( I think is original HDB tiles) and change toilet bowl.


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Congrats once again!!

Not forgetting the FOC WMC membership that comes with the purchase of your EM!! :notti::notti:

Thanks...I joining in...hahahaa. Any age limit? Me already uncle liao.


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The Kitchen Cabinet, I am keeping because I like the granite top, still very good condition...but hor I cannot take red colour leh....so decided to change all the doors and drawers. I will also be re-doing the tall cabinet for Oven with top cabinets for more storage space. Also the Fridge opening is facing stove so basic feng shui tells me must switch the fridge over to the right side...




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