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The Grey Haunt

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Like your inspirational pictures... Will stay glued to your blog to see its transformation. Welcome to the 3-roomer club! Where is yours located?


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Other inspirations that I need:

I drew my inspiration from clean lines, non-ornate design, simple shape and form, strong but neutral colors.

contemporary feel with the focus on present, not future nor past. Being in the creative industry helps a lot for me.

My motto; things don't have to be expensive to look good. Mix and match and the result might be a pleasant surprise.

My humble place will have a rather strong color visibility that is hard to miss. No white and off-white, no beige and cream.

Gray is the new beige.







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To me, wood is important. In fact natural or natural looking material is important. It feels earthy and humane.

Natural material can be stone, sand, granite, wood, metals, wool and fabrics. Hence, i m gonna hv a laminated floor that bounces light off,

and stone-like tiles on floor and walls in my bathroom and kitchen.

Walls will be grey and I am talking abt many choices of grey from elephant grey to canadian sky, to granite and slate, and charcoal and pewter... the list goes on.

Cos there are many types of grey (bewildering to the common eyes), I am gonna divide them into cool grey and warm grey, both will be used.


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The feel I wanna achieve is: cozy, intimate, "me", relaxed and modern. No need to have too much empty space unless it is for wrestling (LOL).

These pics look good, so the question is how close to them will my design gonna look? Need to be realistic, I tell myself.

The mood photos are to inspire only....

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After the ex-owner moved out, it looks like these:

Condition is rather primitive but not near nightmarish. Anyway, everything has to go.

The ex-owner had NOT done a second renovation during their 20+ years of staying.

What you see is what it was like when they moved in 20 years ago.... basic and functional, perhaps a luxury or envy back then.


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ur 3 room flat definitely dont look like 63 sqm at all! it looks spacious in fact!

It is indeed 63sq m. Hence i hv to think very carefully my layout.

I decide to:

1) hack down bedroom 01's wall to join the living room. (Bye bye, guest room)

2) Combine two toilets into one, with separate dry and wet areas. (a huge challenge)


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