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Our Resort Style Home 5-Room Jurong West

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I went down to AOS today and was sales-talked all the way to but this AO smith 25L storage tank heater. Then I came back home to find lots of reviews that people have been having difficulties with it. Any of you care to share experience with AO smith storage heater? I can't seem to post pictures from iPad. I will try again later :(


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bad news :( my ID says that most probable we can't share 1 storage heater for the 2 bathrooms due to the structure of the place between the common and master bathroom. it's all beam which my ID says maybe quite impossible to run the piping. anyway the salesman from AOS told me that he will send his plumbers to rectify the problem finger crossed

anyway, these are our purchases recently


a one-piece water closet (magnum) (S$350 each)


AO smith 25L storage heater which i'm not sure whether it can be used now :(



this is a carysil silgranit kitchen sink. I don't know what is the difference with the bianco granite sink but this Carysil is cheaper.

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Some updates on the house today.

I went down in the morning to find that most of the tiling works are more or less done.

13884723447_9cc826ec74_k.jpgCAM01397 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

kitchen area

13884729280_30cfbcb801_k.jpgCAM01398 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

another part of the kitchen area

13884730990_f250b0445b_k.jpgCAM01400 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

my favourite kitchen tiles


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13884727007_529d6fe5f9_k.jpgCAM01401 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

dining area taken from the kitchen ( very happy that we decided to hack the walls and make an open concept kitchen, it makes the house seems airier and brighter

14068138961_4fb2c5ee3b_k.jpgCAM01403 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

dining area taken from living room

13884728608_c612c15ccc_k.jpgCAM01395 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

living room

14071325525_6ae4a65128_k.jpgCAM01392 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7181/14068357872_a4e6e25f86_k.jpgCAM01393 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

common bathroom (my mother in law seems to think that the colors are too dark) but actually our toilets don't really enjoy much light like the rest of the house does because the toilet windows are obstructed by the other block

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7337/13884718277_07667da7d1_k.jpgCAM01390 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

master bathroom


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For my master bedroom, though at first we kinda decided that we wanted pole system for our clothes storage but decided that maybe it can't even fit the hanger and we will have to brush trough many of our clothes when going in to the room. It's very upsetting because the depth of the recess area to the door is only 45 cm.

we kind of rejected the idea of having a 35cm deep wardrobe that ikea has because of the thought that we can't really hang many clothes with such little spaces but I decided to go down and check out how many can it hold.

these are my findings

13884715559_08d7c11370_k.jpgCAM01386 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

this is the look of the 35 cm deep wardrobe and in 1 rail i managed to put 18 clothes with the bulkiest wooden ikea hanger

14091382313_60a44537e2_k.jpgCAM01385 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

then i put all the 18 clothes to the normal clothes rail that the 60cm deep wardrobe usually can have and this is how much space it took (100cm length)

14071798614_735cec01d4_k.jpgCAM01387 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

it takes maybe 2/5 of the whole wardrobe! and as for the 35 cm deep wardrobe (100cm) it has 2 rails which makes them not so mich different from the 60cm deep wardrobe with the same length. Therefore, we decided to get the 35 cm deep ikea wardrobe instead! yayyyy

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As my renovation is coming to a close and I am not doing many carpentry work, I started sourcing for some home accessories to keep the house to be too boring and dull. so here are some of the things that i will be installing and have bought for my reno

1. shower curtain, as I can't do up any shower screen due to space limitation.

14143942184_7b51f6d57f_o.pngshower curtain by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

Got this for 19 from singsale and thought that it looks quite nice.

2. a matching dustbin and toilet brush with the shower curtain :) also from singsale. 25/set

14120550906_4d12ef5211_o.pngrubbish bin and toilet brush by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

3. a set of 2 water dispenser ($69) also from singsale

14120551076_396ede75fd_o.pngScreenshot_2014-05-09-16-32-44 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

4.Bright orange pasta maker ($22) -singsale

14120551046_60119e4725_o.pngScreenshot_2014-05-09-16-30-43 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

5. Knife block set ($60) -singsale

14120551056_393b886a9d_o.pngScreenshot_2014-05-09-16-30-13 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

apology that I can't give the link for these as some links already expire. but no harm checking singsale once in a while as they do have very affordable home and living accessories. the only downside is that they take forever to come. like 3 weeks to 1 month.


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These are some purchases from qoo10

1. doormat http://list.qoo10.sg/item/SUPER-SALE-CARPET-DOORMAT-AND-FLOOR/410361247?selectedOptions= ($13.90)

14163920953_5514cd956d_o.jpgmorsel bathmat by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

14163920893_2ec501eed6_o.jpgeast bathmat by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

2. a house key-ring

14163920983_f9164cb273_o.jpghouse key ring by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

3. vintage wall-clock

14163921023_c390ed3b5b_o.jpgvintage clock by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

4. and small small canvas pictures

13957335178_0ab8463940_o.jpgpictures by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

Yoohoo ^^


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So, we are at the last phase of renovation work. There are some touch-ups to be done like wallpaper, curtain, kitchen carpentry, some accessories for the toilets, etc etc. It doesn't seem to end... However, the house can be lived in already, We have our TV, though not wall-mounted yet and things are more or less in placed. Enough talking here are some pictures of the current condition of the house.

14219776045_ed1cffaec0_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131922 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

very messy dining room and part of the kitchen

14033189737_f6522c51a3_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131748 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

the bifold toilet door

14239950743_b5a8ecdc7c_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131725 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

common toilet


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14033165510_9e71a20041_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131719 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

There are some problem with the holes that can fit the sink. we bought this vanity from tradehub 21 and when they cut the hole it was too near to the sink so they have to redo it again. Thank goodness they have good service and willing to change the solid surface

14239951943_0495de53f7_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131706 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

our shower faucet. we used it and loved it! let me show you the different functions that it has served us in the next post

14216483511_30b74f7160_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131410 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

master bathroom. Notice the different lighting in the common and master bathroom? I like the cool white and my sister and brother like the warm light. so we used different lighting for the two bathroom.

14033196737_4aed576557_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131438 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

the shower faucet for the master bathroom


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This is our sofa from cellini, even though it's 3M long it looks pretty small in our living room. LoL

14219788295_8231904a91_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131218 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

We bought the TV console and the coffee table from the Cellini as well.

14239961423_665a87b8a0_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131241 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

The 3 little birdhouse key ring to put the keys. The bird can be a whistle too, so cute hehe. Got it from qoo10 i bought 4 and all the 4 came but one of the house has missing double sided tape.

14239962753_c47f2b777d_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131121 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr


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These are the different functions that the shower faucet can do :)

14033194757_93a8cb18f2_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131532 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

this one is good to wash your back :)

14219780945_5452d0150e_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131601 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

the normal rain shower

14033327710_7ff47a28de_z.jpgIMG_20140519_131543 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

the waterfall effect

and the last one will be the normal hand shower :)

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The following are the wallpaper that we are planning to put up for the living, dining and the 3 bedrooms

So for the living room,

14033469527_8ce579e04f_z.jpg85024-2 (2) by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

14033463447_99ef1bd23a_z.jpg85024-2 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

For bedroom 1

14033481358_06dbbd69e9_z.jpgIMG_20140519_160046 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

14033446110_1c2329ae6b_z.jpg85022-3 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr


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