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Our Modern/industrial (& Hopefully Rustic) Scandinavian Nest

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Our 5 rm BTO is now already undergoing renovation. Tiling works and wiring are in progress. Pardon me but let me do some back dating work here. Renovation is really more hectic than we though it would be! We'll let the pictures do the talking. :sport-smiley-018:

Here is our floor plan.


Very typical 5-rm floor plan. Had thought of hacking the wall between bedroom 3 and living room so as to make a, very popular now, semi-enclosed study room complete with glass doors and black frame. This would very much fit into the modern scandi feel.


But then did away with it after consultation with our feng shui master. Decided to do away with the wall between our master and bedroom 2 instead!






:good: Much space and light after. Didn't know how much space was the wall hiding!

Since I am in the mood of hacking, why not just remove the hideous white plastic box with mesh-like PVC material covering the drainage in the master toilet. Somebody may like it, somebody don't. This was an inital idea that alarmed our ID a bit but then was accepted cause it fitted our design!


Alright the picture doesnt do it justice. But trust us, it's a lot bigger with the damned box removed. The black stuff is preparation work for our overlay~~ :yeah:

That's the update for another time.. :good:

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In the meantime, while the renov is on the way, my wife and I have also purchased a few items:

1) First of all, a set of Grohe rain shower package that consists the rain shower with hand piece, shower mixer and a basin tap:


2) Elkay 2 bowl stainless steel drop-in kitchen sink with tap hole (Size: L800xW448xD230mm; Thickness: 1.2mm)

- including a chopping board and drainer tray


3) Baron WC with Geberit pump system


4) Bowers & Wilkins EISA award-winning floor standing speakers to deliver a satisfying listening experience


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5) Marantz 9-channel AV receiver to power the B&W speakers and subwoofer for a more musical experience


6) KDK ceiling fan


7) Samaire Ceiling fan


We are still sourcing for kitchen hood, hob and other electrical items at the moment. Another update will be provided once the rest of the items are purchased.


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Awesome floor plan. Very square and user friendly.

I assume hacked bedroom wil be for a walk in wardrobe like set up?

Also, great choice on speaker and AVR! Don't need a woofer with those babies. :)

For your kitchen stuff, I highly recommend mega discount store. The prices were consistently lower than Harvey norman and parisilk. And only marginally higher than neighbourhood warehouse that we compared. Plus the service was amazing. Very patient in explaining all the differences. And allowed us to pay a deposit on the items but letting us change the price at any time! Even saying that they will match any GSS sale prices that arise frm now till delivery.


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Hi Bianzi,

I'm unable to send PM over to you. We bought it from heritage gallery. You might wish to give them a call for advice on the latest pricing.

Hi Dwinsplace,

Thanks for providing us with another option to source for our electrical items and yes, we will be constructing a WIW in this new setup.


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Here are our 3D drawings. It's the second round but we are still pending changes to colour of carpentry.

Living Room



Master Bathroom

Subway tiles or Cement Screed tiles? We decided for the cement screed in the end.







Gotta make some updates to the 3D. Not really as rustic scandi as I wanted though. But i am confident that the real house will look much much better, with all the decor and the right furniture in place! :jammin:

I must say, apart from the heart pain from spending so much on reno (so hard to get my ID to give discount!), the renovation works are moving very fast. I am astounded by the quality and speed of work. My hubby just went down at 6+ and one of the worker is still there working in my toilet! There was one day when he also saw one worker (the ID brother) working on the wiring in my kitchen in darkness. :good:

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24 May 2014

工字型 craft stone laying style. Sampled on my SGD300 :bangwall: corrugated paper.


Subway in my kitchen! :wub:



Original door to Master Bedroom, already sealed up.

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26 May 2014

Everything slowly but surely coming into picture! Much excited!


Doing w/o the service yard windows and door! Airy and bright. Just the way I like!




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How are the subway tiles? Are they flat or do they have a 3d effect?

Flat. I know Hafary carries those with chiselled edges. I like those but my hubby doesn't. Plus they are also much more expensive.


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