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Getting my keys soon but couldn't see a single 2-Room design in Renotalk, or maybe my research is not detail enough yet.

Any existing 2-room BTO owner care to share design / plan and some pictures? Much appreciate in advance.

List of happy 2-room owners:

  1. mmoh - BTO 2015 H2
  2. kyooko - BTO 2016 Q2
  3. varying - resale Apr 2015
  4. MsBunny - resale Mar 2015 (Blog: http://keepcalmandmeow.blogspot.sg/)
  5. coolbunny - BTO 2016 Q2
  6. 2Roomer - BTO 2018 H1
  7. Tsunade - BTO (selecting soon)
  8. rainbow1979 - BTO 2019
  9. BunniBoi - BTO 2020 (TBlog - 
  10. ryanyth - BTO 2017 (TBlog -  )
  11. paulinepoh - BTO 2017
  12. fridgebuzzz - BTO 2018
  13. avidshuttler - BTO 2019
  14. lildot - BTO 2017 Q4
  15. andotang - BTO Jun 2015 (TBlog - http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/72213-2-room-bto-themeless-with-philips-hue-lighting/)
  16. oktopussy - BTO 2019
  17. ahjack - BTO 2017 Q3
  18. Ankle - BTO 2019
  19. sendski - BTO 2019
  20. Wild Ginger - BTO 2019
  21. sagitarruss - BTO 2017 Q4
  22. melmeow - BTO 2016
  23. moldie - BTO 2018
  24. evozero - BTO 2019
  25. bunnywolf - BTO 2020
  26. Michael Chua - BTO 2020
  27. lost count... >_<
  28. simoncjy - BTO 2018
  29. Norman Ng - (TBlog 

How to upload photos to this forum: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/60248-guide-to-upload-photos/

Sequence of reno, contributed by MsBunny:

1) hacking / dismantling
2) wet works
3) plumbing (pipes)
4) electrical (trunking, points)
5) painting
6) partition / glass works
7) plumbing (sanitary ware installation)
? electrical (lights installation)
7) carpentry
? painting (touch up)
9) acid wash

Contributed by MsBunny, decision-making for sanitary ware and electrical appliances:



Defects checklist


Home owner blog who shared the thinking process, consideration why certain decisions are made and review on the purchased:


Space savings ideas


Ground Facts: Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring


Guide to Mattress Shopping


Cool Secret Room Ideas


Mattress Selection Guide


Storage Tips


Getting Mold Out of the Shower–Before & After:


How To Read Your HDB Floor Plan In 10 Seconds


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I'm also waiting for my 2-room BTO, and basically nobody seemed to care about us too much. Perhaps we could set up our own discussions?

My BTO is still building the levels, but I've got a few ideas already.

Still researching on the best space saving/optimising design though.


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Hi Kyooko! Nice to see fellow 2-roomers :D

My biggest concern is on space maximisation. I went to HDB showroom and realised that the actual size of the rooms are much smaller that what I have imagined looking at the floor plan... :(

Still hoping to see some actual pictures...


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Well, you have to take into consideration the thickness of the walls mah :)

I did went down to the HDB show room to measure the size of the toilet to compare.. LOL

Thinking of a few ideas for space maximisation, mainly in the living room. But my project is still building the floors, so I have quite a while to wait. But I want to get my place, waiting seemed so long!


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haha, ya, I never considered thickness of the wall... which took up quite a lot.

Mine has completed building and I estimate to collect keys in another few months time.

Do you plan to seal any of bathroom doors? I hope to have a dry bathroom so planning to close the kitchen - bathroom door and put in a L-shape shower screen. But that may need to change the basin position...


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I know someone on HWZ who has posted pics of his 2-room unit


That might be useful to you as a visualisation.


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I don't intend to seal any of the bathroom doors, but thinking of putting something like a 'concealed' door, ie, camouflaging the door to the bedroom as part of the wall. :)

But because of the layout of the bathroom, very difficult to partition a shower area. Would be silly to have the shower area in the middle, like the one in the HDB showroom. Like that, everything also wet wet.

I already had an idea to partition the toilet area, so I did not chose the basin and door option. I did choose the floor tile option, but now I am thinking I should have gone industrial brushed concrete lor. But too late.


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Your HWZ link doesnt work leh...

How to put up a "concealed" door? Any photos to show? And yes, the designer never thought of the hassle of the wet toilet bowl and basin on top of the wet floor everyday...

My bathroom is more squarish, if put up a squarish shower screen, need to re-position the basin. Some suggested a kerb with shower curtain which I think the floor at the curtain area will still be wet.

I was not able to opt for OCS cos is balance units. But the basin should be included right?


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You'll have to type or copy and paste the link yourself :)

Go and check your lease agreement, it should state if the OCS is included.

I don't have any picture to show, but it's still in concept thinking now. Idea is to replace the door with a sliding door (check out the sliding wardrobe doors on Hafele), Hopefully the door slid into place and is flushed with the wall. Also, mount tiles on the door that is the same as the ones on the bathroom walls. so when the door is in place it'll look like part of the wall. Or something like that.


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I copy and paste but doesnt work. Nevermind, can I have the title and I can search myself.

I am certain OCS is not in, also wrote email to HDB to clarify but it just stated that sanitary wear are included, so I assume basin is included.


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Hi Fellow 2 Roomers!

I just got my key to my resale 2 room this week.

Totally agree with no ID or contractor wanna entertain us little people. LOL!!

Managed to get one ID who doesn't really care how much you do. But he is not very cheap which he makes up by always following up with me.

I am sealing the kitchen toilet door and doing that Push-Fold door (PU door?)

Plus Vinyl flooring.

Its painful trying to squeeze everything into the little house.

For bedroom, i had to choose IKEA's wardrobe that is only 44cm in depth.


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