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My Humble Abode (Without Id)

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Does the 32k includes the outsourced room flooring and cost of the tiles?

Hi KenCan,

Nope. Our flooring (Bedrooms + Living Room waterproof laminates and Toilet/Kitchen italian tiles) itself was about $5000. (:


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It's almost done! :sport-smiley-004: After all the sweat, tears and lost brain cells, it's almost done! And I love it!


The recessed area for our shoe cabinet is nicer than it looks. The lights there are not up yet...


Kitchen! 60% done! One of my favorite spot.


Study room table and movable pedestal (There's a reason why it's movable... for practicality)


Cabinet in study room.



Bedroom a little too 'woody'. Hope our bed can neutralise it! :D


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Hi LucidAcid,

Can you take a pic of the internals of ur wardrobe? I wanna see how L Shape internals can be customized. TIA

Hi dfarvin,

Okay! Will post it up by next Monday as I'll be busy for the next two days! Hope it won't be too late for you! (:


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Hi can u kindly share what is the laminate code used for the kitchen cabinet(the brown side panel), bedroom wardrobe and dresser?

Choosing of laminates is giving me a headache.

Tks in advance!

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