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HI ALL! Sorry to everyone for the super late replies! We have been away for our very loooong honeymoon and had not been logging in! Apologies! Just going to leave the contacts of my contractor here out in the open for all to see! He is Kevin (Mr K, 9022 2321) from H2O Interior Renovation. You can contact him via Whatsapp or call (preferred)! 

Regarding the questions about the shaker-style kitchen cabinets, I am not sure if he charged extra because we asked for this style right at the start, and so we did not compare the prices between shaker style and non-shaker style. But it definitely requires more work than a normal "flat" cabinet door. 

As to how it is done:

The "real" shaker style cabinets are carved out from pieces of solid wood, so the inner bevelled edges are continuous and can be "curved". This method, obviously, is prohibitively expensive :bangwall: So the cheaper and more practical way to do it is to take use pieces of the usual laminated cabinet plywood, sawing them to precision, and combining them to create the illusion of "shaker style". Since they are pieces of wood attached together and not one whole piece of wood, you cannot really get the "curved" edges. But they were good enough for our purposes :wub: The thing is it needs to be properly aligned and combined so that it looks like the real thing. Mr K's carpenters were experts on these; all our cabinet doors were flawlessly done! To those Renotalkers who mentioned their contractors and ID say it can't be done, I suggest you find other contractors to do it for you :P 

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On 7/15/2016 at 0:58 PM, nasus19 said:


love your house! can you share where you purchase the TV Concoles and the small coffee table?

Hi, living room TV console is from Mulamu:  http://www.mulamu.com/

Though I spied similar ones from Taobao:D

Room TV console and small coffee table are from Castlery!

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Awesome home! I loved how you cleverly opened up the space in your place and am inspired to do the same. Btw, may I know whether your living and room windows are facing north, south,east or west? My current ones are facing north and so a feeble amount of sunlight comes in and so I am thinking of opening up the spaces to let in more light as well. Your place looks brilliant with light. Thank You


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