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Home Deco turn Danger after years

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Hi All,

Been awhile since last post.

Stepping into next phrase of life like many others and realized that the renovation done years ago now became danger zones for kids.

Trust this encounter is nothing new but somehow, only admit it as important after seeing kids running around at home.

Maybe to list some here for others to consider and share:

1. Sharp edges (Tables, TV console, Walls and many more) post as danger. Rubber protector available but kids will happily remove it.

2. Glass as wall partition, shower screen, door: Especially for us, shower screen was only secured on 2 sides (top and entrance side are freed). While it is thick (10mm?), it does look dangerous if knocked hard enough. Not forgetting many incidents of knocking on glass wall/door. Now the glass door is no longer clear as many stickers have to be put up to prevent anyone from knocking it :) Anyone using plastics to replace glass?

3. Mirror (toilets and cabinets): While it is relatively safe from knocking, it does post some dangers especially those on cabinet's doors. Manage to change the hinges to prevent the door from slamming. Cannot imagine if the whole piece of mirror fall.

Feel free to add on other danger zones at home.




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Just to add to the list (based on personal experience):

  1. Electrical sockets which are low (ie near to the floor) - might be dangerous to curious kids
  2. Furniture and/or applicance which are easy toppled (ie high centre of gravity) - eg standing fan, stools
  3. Some furniture made of wood might have splinters over time after knocks..




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Thanks for the tips.. Any possible recommendations for IDs who are good with kid-friendly designs?

I'm already seeing some of these such as my boy being very curious wires and sockets.


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