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  1. REzt used to be famous here but could'nt find any more recent reviews about them
  2. all reviews got 1 post..... hmmmm... can you share their quote for a 4rm flat pls?
  3. i like your theme.. more updates pls! can you share your ID/Contractor details pls?
  4. that fridge is really huge! progress is looking really good, can you pls share your ID and quote too?
  5. i am still carefully on the hunt for ID so am not able to share input however id like to give him benefit of the doubt, maybe stuck at something really important or trying to prioritise based on urgency? have you tried calling them?
  6. goodluck on your reno!!! can you pls pm me your contact for your ID? thank you!
  7. nice progress! can you pls pm your ID? thank you!
  8. sorry to hear about this unsatisfactory results after staying in, i hope you don't mind sharing your ID? Pls pm me, thank you
  9. do you mind sharing your sis in law id and your problematic id so can remove from my shortlist incase? thanks
  10. hi yang guo! welcome back! im still in search of a reputable ID/contractor, do you mind sharing yours pls?
  11. really sorry about this nightmare but we hope you can pm us this ID so we can stay away from them
  12. with that view! I may not finish laundry lah! hahaha