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8 minutes ago, mwerkz said:

Is ur place in Cck? I'm supposed to view one of the units he working on in cck which was suppose to have carpentry up by end June, but he did not contact me, n neither did he respond to my msg. Probably cos carpentry not up. 

Can also pm his contact, in case I got a diff J&E 

Yes. My place is at CCK.. but my estate I think he doing 3 project including mine... 1 is done... mine and my neighbour's still ongoing... PM you his contact


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1 hour ago, Reiken said:

Yes. My place is at CCK.. but my estate I think he doing 3 project including mine... 1 is done... mine and my neighbour's still ongoing... PM you his contact



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Glad your reno work is up & moving again.

I guess they move their guys around to meet deadlines and now that they are busy with others, my slowed down relatively a lot.

From last Fri til today only one master room toilet install plumbing. My kitchen cabinet left without the top from last week and will only be up end of this week.

Guess cus my is due to complete soon.

Pls keep the updates coming  =)


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It was a great day yesterday. Was totally distracted at work after lunch after E start to send me pics of the carpentry. My wife took some after work as well. It was super exciting, looking to see how things turns out, the colour we chose and everything. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with not much hiccups.

E told us that he will start with the Kitchen carpentries and toilet vanity first, as they need the measurement for my table top. Really love the grey colours. Im having a darker grey trimming and lighter main for more "defined Lines". This was suggested by J.





This was requested by my Wife. She loves the cutlery trays from Ikea, so we have alot alot of discussion regarding the length and depth of this row of drawers..


and Tada!!! J makes things happen. I know some of the fellow renotalkers have to resize the drawers to fit these in.. J ask us to buy beforehand so he could fabricate the carpentries accordingly.. Really Kudos to him :yeah:


My vanity top and mirror cabinet


And my shoe cabinet / storage.


Wife put her shoes to see the amount of space.. 


-.-... she say not dun think enough.. I think she is crazy...


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lucky you! i also requested for my contractor to customize a drawer around my ikea cutlery trays but he forgot :bangwall: end up he's fabricating one to fit in our drawers.

your carpentry's looking great, i look forward to see more updates!


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So here I am.. as I am not around for one of the most important part of things, I really do not know how should I go about this entry.

Over the week, the followings are done

1. Aircon Installation

2. Carpentry Installation

3. Window at service yard and window grills

Do note, as I am not around, my wife has to make alot of decision on the spot by herself, or thru discussion with me on whatsapp. I am kind of sad, as I think I miss out on quite a lot of fun things, but I would really like to thank her for being there.

So here are the pics thru the conversation and updates from her when I am not around.

2nd Aircon Installation




I got a bigger compressor from starmex.. Apparently its made in japan. Dint know it was so difficult to move the compressor.



Carpentry Installation

Over the few days that I am not around, almost all (which i think all), the carpentries are installed. It was so fast and furious, I did not had a chance to see the carpentry in its loose condition. Too fast to my liking as I dun feel very involved, but then again, shows how efficient J&E is.

These may be the only loose carpentry pic I have.



I will try to give my best of before and after picture

MBR wardrobe/study/dressing









Masterbathroom Vanity and Mirror Cabinet



Bedroom 3








Shoe Cabinet



Island. Heard it is a little shaky to the left and right, maybe its too long or high. Will work with J&E to solve the issue.



Kompacplus / sink / Hob installation








Grills and service yard window installation





My electrician got some grey plugs / sockets to match with my kitchen cabinets. Never request or say anything from my side, they just think is more visually appealing. That is of cos, but what I like about them is how "auto" they are.



To end of this post, my wife say she learns a lot a lot this week after chatting with the carpenters, installer, sub contractors. She says the team from J&E are all very very nice people, guiding her, teaching her (which is quite wasteful cos she may start to forget the information she learnt :P), which is why I feel sad of not being around.

Over the weekend, Edmund brought some of his prospective clients to come take a look. I am okay, infact, glad with the arrangements, as I feel, their carpentry and work are really quite top notch (comments from my wife as I have not seen or touch the stuff). My neighbours came and take a quick look and feel, and they commented that the carpentry are really very good. Really glad I signed up with J&E, though yes, Edmund may be forgetful, but I think he managed my project quite alright (as of now), and both J&E are very nice people.





Edited by Reiken

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An update of the current status of my reno.. nearly all is done except plumbing and painting I guess.. Today my Kitchen door and window is up.



J&E's calculation for the door is good as well. The problem of me shifting entrance, may cause problem with the door and bomb shelter, but J&E kinda solve this issue



After a long wait, my Taobao stuffs has finally arrived. Will update on the stuffs I bought after I have more time to blog.



I have used Oops forwarding services. As a noob in Taobao, this is my first shipment and I'm glad it turns out to be alright. Taobao is actually quite easy and addictive. For the past 2 days, I have been unboxing and testing the lights. I did not buy a lot of stuffs, mainly lights and bathroom accessories, bar stool and some misc stuffs. Hence my shipment was 0.85 cbm.. kind of wasted, but I definitely find my freight cost well spent from the savings... I got the philips light at 150+ sgd (i think) where philips singapore is selling at 300+ sgd.

Theres a major miscalculation, hiccup and problem found after I returned from overseas. I do not know how to classify as whose fault, I think is a miscalculation by all parties.


Looking at the pic above, everything seems fine. A closer look will show, I am standing in the middle of the Island. The lighting point is also in the middle of the Island. My TV is going to be in the middle of that grey wall....

So... you see the problem... My lighting and island is not aligned to my TV.. It was a miscalculation by many parties involved. I guess I am one of the culprit. The wall is around 6ft plus, same as my sofa length. The island was suppose to be 6 ft plus also, but to sit 3 person comfortably, James suggested 7ft. Which is true, it is more comfortable.

Subsequently, while discussing the lighting fan point etc, we did not take into consideration of the grey wall, but use the wall behind the island as a guide. and hence, the fan point and pendant are all measured from the center of tat wall and our island.

When everything was up, no one noticed, although my parents, my wife, J&E prospective clients, my wife friends, neighbors etc etc... Except me, just before going home after seeing how good J&E workmanship is, feeling very satisfied and happy, standing in the middle of the island, looking at the wall.. Something is not right..:bangwall::~

Initial thoughts was shifting the shoe cabinet and build a bigger partition wall, but something came to my mind and I looked tru my old pictures and notice this.


There is a lobang between my wall, which is covered by the shoe cabinet. J&E carpentry is so good that, they fit nicely into the lobang. I am 90% sure they are not able to shift the shoe cabinet, though I told everyone to meet up on monday to further discuss this problem. I myself went down to measure 2 times, all the length, minimum clearance for fan etc, to get a feel of how to make things better... Everything will be put on hold now till Monday I guess.


May all god bless me, I believe I can come up with something to solve this bugging problem.

Edited by Reiken

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Hello! Your kitchen looks really lovely! Love the grey laminates and sleekness of kompacplus. 

Totally understand your issue on the lighting point! Initially our dining light point location and kitchen oven was somewhat not in center too due to some miscommunication and it just feel weird to see it that way luckily it was shifted easily. Hope you resolve your issue soon :)



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