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  1. Hi Ecnalx Please pm me your contractor's contact & quotation! Thanks!
  2. Hi all Can anyone share contractor Boon's contact? Thanks!
  3. HI Kingandbin Just curious, you mentioned in terms of workmanship, you are pretty pleased with how everything has been holding up but the carpentry finishing is not amazing but acceptable. Any photos to show as carpentry will take up a major part in renovation (can be more specific which area finishing)? I am very particular with workmanship (alignment of the cabinet doors or drawers). Was thinking of contractor E to do the reno. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi Kingandbin I too love the sink for its size & large stainer. Thinking of installing it for my kitchen. Thanks for the detailed review on the sink!
  5. Hi Kingandbin Is that a "Monic" top mount kitchen sink (i.e. made in korea) that you undermounted? If not, what brand? Any comments on the sink? Does it leave water marks or make "pop" sound if you pour hot water into the sink? Heard that the thickness is like 1mm only. Thanks!
  6. Hi Ester Can pm me the contact nos of Mr Quek, Mr Ong & Mr Keong? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi Nestlee Please pm me your contractor 1 & 2 contacts! Or anybody can share Nestlee's contractor's contacts? Thanks!
  8. Hi Ester Please pm me their contacts. Thanks!