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Our First Reno Journey

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20 hours ago, Desmond Teo said:

Hi, can you send me your taobao lights links? Thanks!


Link for lights as below.

Dining light


Led strip




Shall not share with you the link for the tracklight as the size is not suitable for home use. Will share the size issue in my next post.


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Taobao loot

Our first shipment of taobao loot has arrived over the week and I am glad that most of the items are in good shape. Only damage item is our clock (didn't take picture). The glass panel was shattered but luckily we bought spare Lol.

Unfortunately we bought the wrong size for both our downlight and track light. Especially the track light, my wife mention it look like "cannon" :rolleyes:. No choice, as we need the light urgently therefore we buy all the downlight & track light from one of the local distributor. It's so expensive buying light here compare with taobao but I believe you pay for what you get in term of quality. 


Taobao downlight                           Local purchase downlight (samsung led chip & meanwell driver)


Comparison (Top one is from taobao)



Taobao track light                                                 Local purchase track light with metal body & replaceable led bulb


Comparison (notice the different in size Lol)


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Week 4 & week 5

The progress of our reno has slow down after the first few weeks of fast & furious work being done. During this period of time, we finalise with E the design & color scheme of the carpentry, choice of laminate and the color for the vinyl flooring. After numerous amendment to the design and shortlisted choice of laminate and color for the vinyl flooring (luckily E is a very patient man :lol:) we decided on the below color for our laminate & vinyl flooring.  


IMG_2916.JPGIMG_2917.JPGtak 1.JPGtak 2.JPG

Vinyl flooring




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On 21/10/2016 at 0:01 AM, osiris7777 said:

As I have mention earlier in my post, my wife is a Taobao addict so I gave her the task to source for some items from Taobao. I am not really into Taobao cos:

1. My mandarin is really limited

2. I always believe good things don't come cheap and cheap things don't come good

3. Have the perception that vendors in Taobao are not honest example the things we order when we received looks different from the picture

4. Quality issue

But after going through lots of t-blog and seems like alot of ppl order from Taobao so decided to give it a shot.

Total we order close to 4 cubic meter of goods from Taobao. So without further ado, lets see what we have ordered.

Tap for Master Toilet




Rain Shower






Simple ceiling light in black and white color for common room, toilet, kitchen, service yard & HHS


Dining light


Track light


Floor lamp


LED Strip for cove, shoe cabinet display, kitchen cabinet & master room mirror cabinet


Vanity set for common toilet


Rack for condiments & Knife


Door handle


Sandi theme artwork


Study table




Hifi rack


Order this dining chair but request to change cushion to grey fabric


These are some of the items which my wife ask for my approval before she order. There are still quite a number of small items for kitchen, bathroom accessories she order without asking for my approval :~

Hi do you mind to share the taobao link for the square downlights and study table. Thank you.


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Current progress

As you all know, I only started my t-blog when we were half way through our reno journey therefore all previous post of the progress were back dated. So moving forward, I will be updating the real time progress for the second half of our reno. 

We are now into the week 7 of our journey, so some little update for the things that were completed last week.

Week 6

HHS ventilation hole at dining area covered up


1st coat of paint & lighting installed




We went shopping for some furniture.

Went to a few places, it's either design not to our liking or the price is out of our budget.

In the end settled for these...

Tv console




Dining table


Wood... and wood... and more wood


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