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Heat Insulation for roof

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Hi Hi

No doubt it has been hot in Singapore this past month, but I find my master bedroom, which is located directly below the sloping roof, unbearably hot during afternoons. There is a false ceiling between the roof and the master bedroom, but that doesn't seem to help insulate the room much.

Does anyone have any experience to share about external heat insulation that can be done to concrete roofs that can help to reduce the heat that can transmitted to the rooms below?

Seek you kind advice please.


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sometimes it's not the roof that is the issue but how/where the room is facing as well as the windows.

if you have a room and windows which are west facing and getting direct sun, then the room will be heated up due to the heat coming directly in from windows. but if you have a canopy/sun-shade above the window which reduces the impact of direct sunlight, it will help in reducing the heating effect of the sun. you could also install window films which cuts out infra red light which can help reduce the amount of heat coming in through the windows. also the brick walls serve as a thermal mass which stores the heat from the sun and releases it slowly throughout the evening and night which adds on to the heating effect.

so apart from moving to another room, it would be up to you to do trial and error to see what can help in reducing the heat from the sun


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