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New Gate For Your Home - sliding or swing

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Just sharing some thoughts on this. I had to go through this recently for my own reno..


A home is only as strong as it's weakest point, but the gate is also a statement piece which greets all your visitors when they first see your home.

As with most things in life, you have to figure out:

- budget
- style
- space and ergonomics

The basic gate is a wrought iron one, sometimes set with pieces of wood on it and has two pieces which open in the centre. It's seen in many homes around the world and is rather timeless. You have to decide if they open out or inwards. Technically all gates are meant to open inwards so they do not encroach onto the road, unless you also own the space directly in front of your home.

Some of them also have a small door built in, to allow human access without opening the whole gate. Other design variations include whether there are patterns, the gap between the grilles and how much privacy do you want.

Swing gates tend to be quite maintenance free, especially if they are manual. The main issue is the larger space needed and it may not be suitable if there's a slope preventing the gate from opening. However they are usually more quiet in operation and you do not need as much construction work for it.

Sliding gates have also become more popular, but they cost more and you need a clear space on the side to allow the gate to tuck in. They are useful when you want to avoid a turning arc onto the main road. But they are heavy and you usually have some rail, plus you should check with your builder on it's suitability. 

You also need to clean the rail and make sure it's not on a slope. Sliding gates are usually motorised so you need to put that into the budget.

As for the style, using wood in the gate can look elegant, but it also means you need to maintain it as the paint / varnish on the wood tends to fade and the wood may crack over time. 

You can consider incorporating the house number on it, or even adding a mailbox.

These days most gates are automated,  and you need to figure out where the motor goes, the receiver (so you get a clear line of site - not from the inside, but whether you can operate it when you are approaching your property)

You'll need a power supply and I suggest adding a power socket near the gate with a waterproof cover. (useful for car polishers, leaf blowers and other stuff)

For double wing swing gates, you have to figure out which side opens when you press the single open button, and when the gate opens, you don't want it to cover your mailbox or the doorbell. So plan carefully as it's nigh impossible to change.

Also check if there is any sensor if the gate detects an obstacle. Sliding gates may feature this. If the power goes out, is there a way to secure the gate? Will it pop open by default or stay closed? Is there a key to secure it?

There are many gate designs, motor companies and price ranges, so take your time and explore!

Main thing is how responsive they are, and the quality of their work. 

Or simply get a bog standard one from your builder ;)


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Officially all swing gates MUST swing inwards. Unless your gate is set back such that when it swings out, it is still within your boundary. 

Main reson is for pedestrian safety if i’m not wrong


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8 hours ago, petetherock said:

You gotta be in a nice wide area and have some land ahead of you... 


not necessary. assuming the entrance opening width is 2.4m and you have a split swing gate, that means each gate panel is 1.2m wide. so if your gate is installed at 1.3m from the front boundary, you will still have 6.2m clearance from the gate to the house (based on 7.5m setback) which would be sufficient for you to park your car inside since most cars are less than 5m in length.


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Swing gate is best open outward(more space)! If authority come and disturb you, just ask them change for you. LOL(provided you don’t have CSC or TOP Cert pending with them)

Sliding gate is one of the better choice( position outside) but you will need to setback from your boundary(meaning your whole front boundary must be hacked) 

if you position your sliding gate inside of your boundary, then part of your turfing/storage will be obstructed.


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