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    Finally we are getting our keys for our new home in an area that we are not too familiar with but hopefully will be great for us! We actually look for ID or Contractor only after getting our keys and after viewing our new home..so we kinda started our reno after a month from taking the keys.. So here is our floor plan..a typical 5-Room BTO... Both Hub and I like wood for our furnitures and we both love the wood grain feel so we decided that it should be the main focus in our home..Hub also dislike dark colours as he feel mosquito always hide in dark places haha...So we decided that there should be lots of white in our home...after thinking through which theme should we pick..we thought that Scandinavian is the way to go...which is very popular and common now..but I think as long as both of us love it, it doesnt matter if its too common We also have a rough idea on what we wanted for the house..nothing too complicated as my Hub is a super practical person..haha..so we decided to look for contractors instead of IDs. I know IDs will recommend really pretty and cool stuff for the house..but we are on really tight budget and we kinda know what we want thus we went ahead to look for quotations from contractors instead of IDs. We took 3 quotations and also making reference to some of our friend's quotations before deciding on the ONE!! (Pray hard it will be a good one)
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    HI coyote This is the link of the shop. http://leivi.tmall.com/shop/view_shop.htm?spm=a1z09.2.9.304.FzOa4Z&user_number_id=761765908 Their depth about 200mm. But just a note if you are buying from them. They charge extra if you want them to be delivered to the forwarder. About RMB 55 more. Paid seperately. And they say will take about 5 days before they send it out from their warehouse. So thot you might want to know.
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    Hi neighbour, I m from 524B. Hope your reno will go smoothly and work well with your ID/contractor
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    Good luck with the reno, anyways.. Mind sharing your reno budget? Cheers!
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    Hi guys, I've already cleared my inbox, you may PM me if you require any information Anyway last weekend Contractor J came down with his competent workers to touch up the final stuff. As mentioned previously, the tiler forgot to leave two holes in the brick wall box up when he was tiling it previously thus his worker suggested to do another box up when the TV is mounted. So anyway last week when hubby's UHD 4K 55" SMART TV arrived, when LG's worker saw our brick wall, he refused to mount the TV for us even though it was included because he said that previously he tried mounting TVs on other customer's brick walls and they all cracked at the surrounding tiles so he doesn't want to take the risk. After hearing that, hubby and I was also very worried cause we didnt want to spoil the brick wall so we told him to just put the TV stand on the console. After informing Contractor J about this, he said that he is 100% confident he will not crack any brick or grouting so he told me to let him mount our TV. He mentioned that the only reason why the bricks will crack is because the driller is not skilled enough. On Sat when he came, Contractor J personally came down specially just to do the drilling for us and also showed his workers how it is done. He's a very patient and kind contractor after I saw him teaching his workers while he was doing it. Not only did he not crack my brick walls at all, the mounting of the TV bracket's drill hole is so sharp and clean I was so so pleased! After he mounted the TV, he proceeded to take out a gold colour equipment and told us instead of boxing up the wires, he bought this gold drill equipment (couple hundreds of dollars he mentioned) just specially for us so that the brick wall will be neat without any wires pertruding out. After he started drilling the brick wall to conceal my wires, I was SO IMPRESSED. Managed to snap afew shots how he did it (you can see the metal piece on top is the brackets for the TV) Contractor J in action - I noticed throughout all the renovation, he would personally do some of the installation which is harder to do or complicated. I CALL THIS THE SUPER GOLDEN DRILL!! SO CLEAN AND NEAT! SUCH SLEEK CUT! Wide enough to put your hands through to take the wires too! So one hole on top is for the wires to go in from the TV and the other hole below is for the wires to come out and go into my TV console so that it is 100% concealed! So tidy!! TADAH! Hubby's 100% concealed wall mounted TV. No unsightly wires at all - this is one of the happiest moments of hubby's life HAHAHA!!
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    Love the colour of your craft bricks! Is this redwood CSI 097?
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    Kitchen Work-in-progress. Cement Tiles, cabinet and subway tiles (3D)
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    House is almost done now.. Lets talk about carpentry.. Making snail's progress but its moving along week by week... Display Cabinet before install doors and glass... Pretty handsome without doors as some sections "pops out".. No more poping out after finish.. ID chose laminate that is matching the flooring... Wondering if it is a coincidence Sleeping area door connecting wardrobe room Wardrobe carcass. Its double thickness for the frame which is good if want to put luggages on top. Full Length Wardrobe Concealed mirror with concealed storage behind the mirror
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    Sneak peek of the kitchen cabinets and flooring Kitchen cabinet door And barn.yard.door. Track
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    The king bed is going to take over that space. It's a 'feature' wall in the MBR wifey requested. The remaining walls are space grey. Good color selection by ID and luckily the "4week delay vinyl" matches well. Bedroom 3 vinyl: eclectic room aka "just throw in all the ideas we like and don't care if it matches" room This vinyl looks the best in the Hafary showroom but turns out opposite among the three The vinyl that looks not the most bland vs the other 2 in the showroom? Turns out great Fits the "Scandinavia" theme well. Scandinavia theme is in quotes now because so much as changed from the design brief!
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    Wow.. Thanks kew for taking time to upload the pic too! Really worried about my tiles now. Finally my Reno started moving!! *claps. Here is the cause of another 4weeks delay
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    Chose the bottom left design.. 1st mock up looks good! Actual.. The original colour is better but this design is much better Here is the cause of a 2months delay..
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