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  1. Hi kelvintan, could you please share with me your electrician's contact too? Thanks.
  2. protrude out of the cabinet. normally should be 2 inch inwards.
  3. very common to encounter such poor workmanship in the course of renovating our home. I did a total 4 renovations. 1st one OK, 2nd one kena con!, poor workmanship and decide to move out, 3rd one, a minor reno less than 3K, also poorly done and now almost complete ... a 6K reno and only on kitchen, with contractor at Queensway Shopping Centre - LWT! The men all super lousy, he backed his men saying they are tired and did their best. All BS! Simply put it I wasted my hard earned money on renovations. Wife now is so sad, i dare not go back home and look at the kitchen cabinet - so horribly built! Contactor never come down to look at finished product, reasons after reasons. I am going to get back at him! Can I go to CASE to complain?
  4. sorry, need help! for those in progress of making a solid worktop, do the top comes uncut. I mean uncut in the sink, mixer and hob area. They will cut to desired size at our premises? Cause I am worried that if they already cut, then my hob gonna protrude out. The ST**ID! cabinet contractor cut nearer to the edge and when I put my hob in it, it protrude out ...****! Thanks.
  5. any one using Fujioh hob? How is it? The price a bit ex for even a 2 burners (about 366$). How much is Cuizono hob with 2 or 3 burners?
  6. Hi, just sharing. got pricing for hob for 2 burners (inner flame). fujioh - at IMM (Hoe Kee) $366.00 fujioh - at IMM A.Excel $375.00 is fujioh brand recommended?
  7. anyone heard of surrel top for kitchen? Is it good? I was quoted 70.00$ pfr. Total below cabinet is 10ft. Contractor like anyhow put price ...
  8. Where is Max Credit? Alexandra issit? Anyway just got price (2 burners). call Ellane sales hotline - 385$ with safety valve. 353$ w/o safety valve. think i can get better price elsewhere. call everjoint - price (343$ w safety valve & inclusive of delivery) ; (322$ w/o safety valve & inclusive of delivery).
  9. Would like to get hob for kitchen - ellane built-in glass hob (EGH-28SV). anyone know where can get - good service, good price. anyone use this before? thanks.
  10. no worries..what i do for my LG unit for 2 bedrooms after moving in is I bought a spray to clean the coils for both units and for compressor outside. I dismantle the covering and fan and give it a good cleanup. fix back everything and spray the foam to the coils. once satisfied, on the unit and everything OK. Smell nice, coilc clean and no more dust. end result - satisfied but very tiring. but again 120$ for a chemical wash is cheap as I was quoted 200$.
  11. Fujioh brand good? Was thinking of getting one for new kitchen, with 2 burner. We seldom cook at home. saw at IMM shop, only 358$ (i think ..) Any other good hobs with 2 burners..prefer small dimensions. Thanks.
  12. contractor charge me 180$ for a base 20.5ft. Now after reading decided .. no base for fridge. No more in fashion!
  13. my kitchen floor (bought a resale flat) will be hacked this week and cement screed for me as well. to divide the LR tiles and kitchen cement i hv ask for a cooper strip as a divider. for cement screed, do we need to lacquer? my contractor say no need to do anything just make it smooth ... i blur ....need help.
  14. I am also doing a kitchen makeover. Will hack floor tiles, hv new kitchen cabinet and solid surface top. Hacking starting this week. Cannot wait to get it started .. and complete within a mth. decided not to go ahead with kitchen wall tiles hacking, as it will be over my budget.