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  1. i know this is from 2017 but i saw you posted schneider switch. i want to ask how did you install without the mounting box? i haven't receive my keys but im planning the power socket and i realise i may need to buy mounting boxes and its so protruding. did you have a fake wall or something?
  2. Hi Dear, its been 1 year since your reno. how's everything. also, we are all waiting for your contractor's contact. hope all is well. Thank you!
  3. everyone is impressed, sorry but me the same, may we have your contractor's contact please !!! thanks!
  4. Hi honeygal, noticed u mentioned u didn't engage a main ID, so how did you communicate with the contractor on which walls to hack, the final layout & flooring & tiles for toilets and stuff? look forward to ur updates!
  5. i love ur home design! i can't believe the before & after! much less believe it is a 3 room unit (which i am living in, same floor plan etc and the stupid ugly kitchen) most impt, i totally love ur kitchen, the stainless steel with white is absolute dream kitchen material. you really inspired me.
  6. Hi thread-owner, i notice u have the leather sofa i saw off a magazine and i have been wondering where to find it. where did you get it?