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  1. haha.. i am a girl and i thought if it's clean and neat i won't mind. the house also stayed in before by previous owner and you won't know what has been done there. n public toilets even worse right? but then again, that's just me.
  2. i don't know about cheap but there's this sop at the basement of park mall that is selling all bean bags.
  3. you should check out ebay.com.sg or pets.com.sg. sometimes they have pretty good ones selling cheap!
  4. OMG, the guys sounds so selfish and weirded out!!! can have sex without kids what. protection la!!! weird weird weird!!!
  5. i don't feel that you are wrong but must say in a tactful manner as this issue is sensitive. u r not obliged to take care of the other woman mah n if they are fit enough to get married, they should start a life themselves n move out. n yes, it shouldn't be ur burden. hope all turn out well for u! =)
  6. if u want good agent, pm me i know of a good one. i have heard horror stories too but there are decent ones around who aren't dishonest etc. just the bad one get talked about more.
  7. this is very bad!!! so rude!! i think u should just tell the seller about it coz they may be turning away good potential buyers!
  8. if u don't sign the exclusive, all the agents will want to sell your flat as soon as they can do it so that they can get the commission and this is surely going to push ur price down. if u sign exclusive,, you may still get lousy agents who just want to sell fast and let go at low price but there's also good ones who can make use of the exclusive period to get the best deal within this period. so, getting an exclusive is important. i m not an agent, so not selling the services here.
  9. anymore 1-for1 deal going on right now? these days like not so many going around.
  10. their donuts are the best! not so sweet and the texture of the cream is nice nice nice! drool... u can buy from novena square too, the queue won't be long.
  11. it's manageable if you can afford the time and effort to pull ur stuff out and cover and then paint. painting is quite straightforward if not cracks etc to repair. but i rather pay coz it's very tiring. my bf repainted my room in half a day. i'll assume the whole 4 room flat will take close 4-5 days if u do it yourself?
  12. basically, they say that these collagens are shorter than the usual types and can be absorbed into our body easily and then will form the normal collagen once absorbed. anyway, i tried this brand and felt no diff le.
  13. some dark circles are genetics, can only lighten a bit. mine are... another product that's not bad is vichy bi-white eye cream and you can get from some guardian n watsons.
  14. are you learning right now? i have went to 2 diff ppl, one is a FT recommended by another forum but he wasn't so accurate, just generally correct. the other was good, he was accurate to the details for events in my life.
  15. pulpy

    Foot Mats

    check out these pretty floormats: www.kalescloset.blogspot.com it comes with non-slip underneath somemore. and now, there's 5% discount if you quote "renotalk special".
  16. if anyone wants the contact of a good, honest and reliable agent. just pm me.