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  1. so many advertiser. Open your eyes and select the right one and make sure they bring ou back to the previous house he has renovated or rebuilt. If the previous owner doesn't allow him , it goes to show how crappy he is
  2. Can intro your electrician? The pricing looks reasonable.
  3. Request to pay for the 3D drawing before signing the contract. This amount will be deductable from the cost once the contract is signed. This way, both the owner and the designer is secured
  4. After sales service from Irene is next to nothing.....she just want to close the sales and that's it
  5. If internet cannot be fully trusted , then why are you so concerned about the remark. Maybe you can show us some of the portfolio of their completed project? Anyway usual caveat applies and buyer beware.
  6. A picture to show will help to explain your situation better...
  7. 3 m is going to be challenging and depending on your block design, 3 m may not clear even if you take the steps. You may need to consider other alternative i.e Cut the marble into half and join it inside the house.
  8. It is amazing to see people registering just to defend themselves or to promote themselves shamelessly. Good samaritian....my balls. No point speaking to such troll
  9. Create a new nick just to promote your own company? Shameless
  10. Shameless!! Create new account just to promote oneself. Consumer beware!
  11. If the gate can hit their car , i would love to do it. They cannot complain since they have infringed into your area
  12. You can call the police if they park just right outside your gate , blocking you from coming out. Else nothing much you can do if there is no obstruction. My place in Gardens is near a kopitiam and they are often many cars parking along the way thus making it very narrow and difficult to drive through. Call the cop many time and LLST. Where is your area?
  13. since you said it is mounted on the wall , then it is consider a fixture. Put yourself in their shoes and what if 500sgd also meant a lot to the buyer as well? YOu might as well dismount everything and give them a empty house?