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  1. just like what hentamkings said..either air-conditioning 24/7 or have a ventilation fans on the false ceiling..i've been to my friend's condo who done both..the toilet is actually sparkling clean
  2. Their intention is not for the prices to drop, its to prevent flippers from making the prices go up higher and the masses cannot afford their 1st home, its done with good intentions. After all, if one is staying in a HDB and is buying for own stay, it shouldn't impact them unless these dwellers say one thing and do another
  3. if u're not adverse to cats, u can keep one and it'll keep the insect population at bay..roaches, lizards, flies, spiders they also kill!
  4. probably due to water proofing not done over the entire wall area..most contractors will tend to save on water-proofing and do only 1 feet(i think)..but have to cover the entire wet area..probably the whole house to be safe
  5. u need to have the filter below the floor trap, they usually comes from that place..can't find a picture to show but its actually a filter that prevents debris from getting washed down the floor trap. mine got zero flies..another way is to keep the toilet windows pane closed and use ventilator to draw out moisture
  6. quality of mirrors vary..i did mine 5 years ago, also don't have this problem..u can try http://www.mirrormadeforu.com ..its pricier but it can last
  7. the new type of roller blinds come with a rubber stopper which wouldn't make noises when clanking with the wall/windows.
  8. wow..you're knowledgeable..thanks for ur advice..any idea how to tell the salesman when buying "kettle de-scaling solutions?
  9. even KDK fans if not installed properly might still need balancing..so it all depends on the skills of the installer
  10. I using this method. Every single holes and gaps also sealed. Ants also hide in cable trunking, so best to seal all holes in the trunking. At night, close all kitchen windows totally. No roaches!
  11. It's easy to buy and install..but the maintenance is a nightmare..its no joke to clean every part meticulously!
  12. Timber strips & laminated flooring is the way to go now!
  13. updates..there are water coming out from the kerb..but its in small amount..so I suspect that the limescale is formed that way.
  14. I am sure they didn't do water-proofing for the kerb. Reason I ask is because for the future..thought of doing water-proofing for whole bathroom, coz 15cm upturn at both side don't seem to be working well as I wash the wall tiles weekly, and the peeling and cracking 1 floor below my bathroom is very bad