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  1. Any empirical evidence to share? Or just can bark but cannnot bite?
  2. Hello, you got opex and capex allocation planned periodically? Merely buy and keep or eventually throw away? How sure these items guaranteed you generate streams of cash inflow? Hear ppls say? How they can help you stay healthy, mentally, physically? Can help improve one's studying?OMG Relationship maintenance need commitment, patience, efforts, understanding, sacrificing oneself for others....like putting coins into piggy bank everyday. Buying these items left no coins
  3. Why get troubled by all these man-made rituals? Can sleep on anything w/o mattress or frame. Swee swee. Should be grateful to have shelter w mattress and frame. No wonder the rich worries thief comes steal their money.
  4. Deep breath. Be happy. Go lucky. Mind energised. Place needs not be energised
  5. Kitchen, rooms, beds, toilets, (doors, windows) + things see from these, sharp corners, beams, pipes, directions, colour.......are flavour topics of fsm. Wow so many, toilet is just....
  6. Subjective, depend on requirements. Usually, top 3 costly: 1. Flooring, inclusive hacking & laying new. easily 10k and above 2. Electrical- ppt, switches, lighting, easily 5k 3. Carpentry works - kitchen, doors, console..... All add values to house, but do what are essential and what are unlikely to be re-do in mid term: 1. Flooring 2. Electrical system, include false ceiling, etc 3. Window..... 4. Piping, sanitary system 5. Doors....
  7. Bedroom influences courtroom. Beware courtroom affairs being settled in bedroom.
  8. Nobody love u. U love nobody. Eventually u don't love yourself. What will happen?
  9. Have been reading all posts here. Found this rather intrusive. Still cheers?
  10. I'm no master, therefore no specific answer. But I do know that receiving, reading, researching, remembering, reflecting, etc on recommendations are all useless unless we practice it. Be it 5, 10 or 20 years, just do it, believe you will get the answer.
  11. Criticism drawing is pretty simple. Do tell us something meaningful about 4 pillars, wouldn't you? Style of writing and choices of words do tell one's character.
  12. Open windows/door big big without locked. Ladies, clothing less less walking on the street. Writing 'nonsense' here. 煞ssss sure come in no time.
  13. Indeed, there are many 煞 in life, not limited to 3 only.