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  1. Just completed my kitchen overhaul with Ronald from Designer House. Like so many before me have mentioned, Ronald has indeed proven to be a committed, competent and certainly efficient and reliable man. He’s always there to supervise the work and will promptly rectify any issues when raised. You know you are in good hands with him around. He is also very easy to work with. Doesn’t force his ideas or make you feel intimidated. On a side note, he helped to redesign a bar table per our requirements for the kitchen and we totally love it. My gal and I would joke about “Uncle Ronald” whenever we were at the “bar”. Goes to show how at ease we were with him. As for his workers, they are hardworking, friendly, ethical peeps. Skilled and experienced professionals who take pride in their work. They will chat up with me at times, some even complimented my nice coffee or great lunch. Hey, at least my efforts didn’t go unnoticed. The whole experienced while staying-in was very bearable. Very appreciative of his team who make sure that any discomfort faced will be reduced to the minimum. To be honest, I kinda enjoyed and missed all the fuss and buzz. Every sound coming from the drill, mixer or saw were music to my ears, seriously! All the people coming together to make your place a home you loved... pure bliss. So for those who have yet to decide whether to go ahead with Ronald or the renovation, my advice is: Just. Do. It. Sit back, relax, and leave it to da man. Have fun renovating!
  2. Hi Tiler Seng Can you pm me your quote on the following please: Overlaying Kitchen 1) removal and disposal of existing cabinets and sink support etc 2) overlaying of floor and wall tiles 3) new cement sink support and cement hob area 4) install 15ft wooden cabinets 5) install 10ft solid surface (L-shape) 6) piping etc Thanks.
  3. Hi guys As promised I have uploaded pix of my new windows done by alex. It is not so clear due to my shakey hands, apologies.. I wanted a good view of the greenery outside my window hence I opted for less panels less grilles. There is a slight tint of green for my windows, seems a popular choice nowadays. Front window For my back windows I chose something different as I wanted more grilles. Frankly I regretted choosing this design but what's done is done. Back window
  4. will try to upload it over the weekend, still figuring out how to..
  5. Sorry it took me so long to come back. Had trouble uploading pix so I will just do a written recollection first. My husband took leave to oversee the work process. Two guys came at around 9 plus in the morning. Husband updated progress via handphone and all was well until he told me the 7 panel windows meant for living room becomes 8! Had to argue long and hard with the worker that we had agreed 7 panels with Alex. The worker said they had delivered the 8pc panel and if we wanted to change, the window area will have a big 'hole' tonight! Texted Alex to tell him we are not paying until the work is done and he called back and acknowledged his error and reassured us they will fix up the 8pc window temporary and return another day with the agreed 7pc panel. I rushed home during lunch time to have a quick peek and understand one of the guys would go back to his factory to change the 7pc panel for me. Good, no need to waste another day. You may ask why 7pc and not 8pc which is an even number keke.. Okay that's just me. My original sliding window in the living room has 6pc panel and I wanted new 6pc casment window but alex said not able to do so for casement as my dimension doesn't allow or something like that, 7pc is still fine. I did not want to have too many panels as I prefer a clear view of the greenery outside my window. I wanted 6 broad one not 8 slim ones. My husband said could be due to the weight of the window if too big piece it will be heavy to push in and out and what if the hinges doesn't support the weight from wear and tear. My husband don't mind the 8pc panel as 8 is an auspicious numbers and windows should come in pairs but I told him 7 is also good cos Lucky Seven mah. Anyway in a nutshell I wanted less panels, better view. The work was finished around 4 plus and tons of cleaning to be done. Alex did drop by and follow up with an sms to apologise for his error. Okay now time for verdict: Quality wise is better and not as shakey, windows felt sturdier, able to 'design' my grilles. If I were on a low budget and can compromise on quality I will go back to wellxxx. If I can spare a little more and wanted peace of mind I would choose alex. Unless you guys can introduce me someone better la..
  6. I had contacted Alex and he came with his brother to my place yesterday for measurements and quotation. Pleased with his service and firm up the job on the spot, coming to fix next week. (Ya I know it's 7th month, but had seeked advise on lucky days for renovation keke..) No need to sign anything, just give your ic number and postal code for permit request. No deposit also. Will post pictures when it is done. My previous house was done with Well***. It was cheap and not much complaints other than a bit shakey if you use strength to shake the gates or windows. So why didn't I go back to Well***? Cos now I am staying on the second floor, higher risk of burglary, and with the flooded comments of Well*** now, guess I had to try other alternatives. Will be able to do a comparison once everything is up. To be continued..
  7. Anyone pls pm me contacts for tilers to overlay my 2 bathrooms urgently. Thanks!
  8. Hi tiler seng I would like to check out the cost of renovating kitchen and 2 bathrooms for my 4rm hdb flat (104sqm). Note that we will still be staying in the unit while you renovate. Items include: Toilet hack, overhaul, re-piping and laying louvre windows for 2 toilets bi-fold doors for 2 toilets supply and install all accessories Kitchen hack, overhaul, repiping and laying L-shaped concept with concrete sink support and stove support carpentary for lower set of cabinets (upper cabinets not required) supply and install all accessories If the price is right, when can you start renovating and how long it takes?
  9. Hi Ivy Please pm me the list too. Cheers
  10. also you may want to check with hdb, if you had included your name as 3rd owner, would you lose the right to enjoy subsidies or grants as 1st time owner should you decide to get a flat with your fiancee next time.
  11. i have a vanity wooden cabinet with solid surface top to hold the basin. barely a year my cabinet turns mouldy near the outlet piping area (the area where they drill a hole in the cabinet to house the outlet pipe) due to water seeping thru sillicone sealed spaces. it was a shocker for me when i first realise that mushrooms, real mushrooms, though in smaller blooms, were growing out of it! vacuuming the area was hardly sucessful as the 'roots' were pretty stubborn, my husband used his bare hands with plastic gloves and managed to pull the bits and pieces out. i am shifting again soon and have yet to come up with ideas for my next house renovation especially the area under my basin..
  12. How much are you renting? I intend to renovate my house in May and may need short term rental.