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  1. Like that flats in Bishan got no value cause most built on grave yards.
  2. In my previous flat, my mbr was painted all white. Even toilet wall and flooring was close to while colour. Now I moved to a smaller flat and I painted my mbr light blue. I re-use the lightings from my previous flat. Though current mbr is smaller and without wardrobe, unlike previously, I find the room noticeably darker.
  3. You could have specified the matter before renting out. Otherwise, as long as it doesn't affect him, why should tenant care about cleaning the toilet after use. Some tenants, like mine, could even use toilets without replacing the lights that have blown off.
  4. The lightings shop where I bought some lamps recommended me a freelance contractor. Remove one lighting point in kitchen and in place install 2 lighting points with 2 switches. Remove one lighting point in living room and in place install 2 lighting points with 2 switches, one of which is 2-way. Install my new lights for all 4 points plus 1 in bedroom. Total charge came to $130. Paid him $140 cause I was satisfied with the job.
  5. About one month after moving into my 3 rm hdb flat, this is what happened. Luckily it's just outside my door and TC will take care. In my flat, the entire ceiling looks like this. My flat includes free attic???
  6. The entire ceiling of my HDB flat is gypsum boards supported by wooden cross beams. On top of my ceiling is a huge nest, about 1.2m looking straight at it. The nest is located at the end of the ceiling i.e. kitchen/toilet above. Town council and pest controller can't give confirmation of what nest is it looking from a distance somewhere in the middle of the flat which has an opening in my store room. They said it's a bird nest and not active and will revert next week to get rid of it. Anyone knows what nest can that be? It's huge and it's like for a colony of whatever birds or insects.
  7. If job done to your liking it's cheap. I spent more than 26k re-doing 2 toilets, kitchen cabinet, polish flooring and installed light fittings, painting whole flat and cleaning.
  8. Lighting in LR definitely enough. I have got 3 on the balcony side and 2 on each of the other sides with 4 hologen lamps on the 4 corners. Each bulb is 10w PL. Usually I on 5 lights and it's bright enough. Seldom I need to on the other 4 and the hologen lights with dimmer is rarely used.
  9. I just took possession of a 3rm resale flat on 15 Sep. There was not much reno done by the previous owner except for a kitchen cabinet and ceramic flooring in LR and laminate in BRs. No window grills. I only changed the toilet bowls $470 and painted the flat $700. Spent $140 removing 1 lighting point and installing 2 lighting points each in the kitchen and the living room. Purchased lightings $290. Last item is to replace the old water heaters and taps and lightings for the rooms. I am ready to move in anytime from my EA. But many things can't get into this 3rm flat and I am having problems my upright almost 6ft piano, 6ft sideboard and 6ft sofa set with 2 arm chairs and 2 side tables and a coffe table.
  10. You agreed to buy without valuation and without built-in oven. So what's your problem? A buyer doesn't a valuation if he is paying cash. You need the valuation only for purpose of loan or use of cpf.
  11. Unless he pays the rent, be firm and tell him to pack up in 3 days and you will refund him his balance deposit. Even if he pays the rent, tell him to get lost by 13 Aug as there is no point retaining such tenant. Deposit is not meant for offsetting rent.
  12. Even if house loan = 0, there are many other expenses not listed above. SCC and property tax Utilities Tel and internet and newspapers Presents, donations etc Toiletries, no need hair cut? Equipment that need replacement after 3 yrs, 5 yrs, 10 yrs. Your bed, mattress, tv, computer, fridge and washing machine etc will not last forever.
  13. I am not saying 2 old folks need to buy 5 rooms, but doesn't mean they have to ignore other factors. What I am trying to highlight is that SA is very very expensive and HDB is squeezing the most out of old folks by making them think that SA is "affordable and good value for money" and "perfect answer to your need" - words used by HDB. Let's look at the pricing of Golden Lily at Tampines based on the lowest prices - SA $76,000 (37sm) or $2,054 psm or cost per year psm $64.47. SA $96,000 (47sm) or $2,021 psm or cost per year psm $67.38. 2rm $120,000 (47sm) or $2,553 psm or cost per yr psm $25.79. 3rm $194,000 (68sm) or $2,853 psm or cost per yr psm $28.82. 4rm $294,000 (93sq) or $3,162 psm or cost per yr psm $31.93. 5rm $362,000 (113sm) or $3,204 psm or cost per yr psm $32.36. But the SA is only for 30 years and cannot be sold in the market. It need to be returned to the lessor based cost less unexpired lease. To sell SA at those prices is crazy just because the buyer cannot afford a proper 2rm. The difference between SA and 2rm (highlighted in red) for same size is world apart. The 2rm is slightly more by $24k but got full 99 years and can grow in value or sell in the market compared to SA that has no value. Value for money is 2rm.
  14. Call the piano company that you bought it from. They specialise in moving piano.