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  1. BEFORE This is my original floor plan: DEMOLITION BEGINS (Part 1) Master bedroom toilet: Hallway to kitchen: Removing the tile skirting at the dining area: The living area (as stated in floor plan):
  2. hello everyone. its been some time.. a long while since I updated this t-blog. My previous images has been deleted due to my switch in hosting plans. I will be uploading some pics of before, during, and after reno. Do share your thoughts. enjoy the visual feast!
  3. i got my furniture from Hommage. Good service from Eric and his wife. They were very accommodating to us, we stayed there for about 3 hours.. flipping catalogue etc. in the end, we bought our sofa, dining set and coffee tables. Their furniture I've ordered are good so far and they look like what was seen in the catalogue, even from China. I think we have to overcome the stereotype of good from China. Some are bad and some are good. Same for brands from Germany or whatsoever. Also, its furniture man.. how long u think u want it to last? to me, if the price is good and can last abt 3 yrs.. its good.. good excuse to change to new ones also. haha so in all, the hommage experience was good. great service. good pricing. highly recommend.
  4. the website looks fake-ish.. no products shown under navigation.
  5. hi, bought ht-3300.. seems good. no problems so far. its pretty cheap for an entry level ht. PM if u got any questions.
  6. hi, im also in process of trying to fix artificial turf for my balcony. I found out that Mr Wong's price is abit steep, even without installation and drainage cells. I found another one that's much lower and they are pretty big supplier in this region. However, i've not seen the sample yet. I was told the grass does show different appearance when under different lighting conditions. i.e. natural light, daylight, warm white lighting..
  7. Hi all, I would like to give some comments regarding most ID firms out there. This is based on my Reno journey. Well it all started by reading from t-blogs. Why I choose t-blogs, cos mostly they are from fellow home owners that would like to document down their Reno journey, so it's more of a personnel and somewhat neutral opinion in nature. And not firms promoting themselves. In some cases, it would be rather frank opinions. I would note down their contractors or Id contacts and call them directly or if can't get thru, I would email to their common enquiry email. With that, we met up with a couple of firms and contractors. Good experience I must saw but after 5 companies, everything seems repetitive. We get bored explaining same concept over and over again. Haha. Through this meetings we had, I realized that most firms' IDs get sources on their own through recommendation or walkins. They do not divide their job equally and their quotations can differ even from same firm, but not by great significance of course. But as a company, they share resources for the workers etc. Unlike smaller firms that only has a handful of IDs, they more less operate together, more standard. From my experience, i had friends whom asked which firm i engaged, i gave them direct contact but they choose to just walkin. Its gd but this is a sales arena, same company, but different salesperson, different client engaging model. Luckily for them, they got similar good deals and reno turned out the way they wanted. Much said, I would suggest to actually try to contact the recommended person directly and judge whether what was said by your sources is really true. This way, we customers can better benefit from identifying the worthy IDs from those hit-and-run types. Hope this story helps. Hehehe. Thank u for reading
  8. yeah.. they are crowded most of the time.. but I contact Kevin directly previously. He's able to meet me at our convenience. He also dropped by my office to finalize some stuffs too. haha. I find that good service with extra miles... He also let me bring back some of the laminate catalogs to choose.. Its nice to have these kinda stuffs as we are mostly busy with work, planning for wedding, vacation, etc..
  9. hi all... i'm ordering some LED strips from china. It should be here in 1 weeks time. I'll get some pictures and possibly help u guys to order, if interested. Can save on shipping costs. stay tuned.
  10. i used supreme flooring, executive range
  11. i think you are able to install them yourself. there are home systems sold online (from US) that can be installed easily in our homes. There are some that has a simcard slot for SMS notifications to be sent to u whenever there is a security trip.
  12. hi there. i did my whole house using laminate flooring. so far so good. it gives it a more cosy feeling.. but it comes with great care.. maintenance wise, its different from normal flooring.. i.e. when u mop, not to use lots of water and detergent.. in terms of long lasting.. so far mine only abt 4 mths.. hehe.. so far no problems. depends on the installer and material/model also.
  13. congrats on ur EM. let me know if you seek advice on ID. have a great journey
  14. wow. it has been very long since I last update this t-blog. not sure there are still people who are keen on following up. Over the pass weeks or months, we have managed to settle down just nicely. However, unlucky for us, most of our items we ordered take longer than what i expected. Ordered some furnishing from Hommage. Very good pricing i must say... but for delivery, they will take probably about a few weeks as ordering from China. I guess this could be the reason why their prices are more competitive, less warehouse space.. order on demand. Almost settle on my plans on the balcony area.. trying very best to create a resort and outdoor feel... we did MASSAGE STONE path on our balcony.. yeah, like those at HDB common areas.... for a good foot reflexology after a long day's work... we are going to also place some artificial grass turf around it along with our fountain and outdoor furniture.. Now, looking for paintings for some wall art... can't seem to find anything i like.. anyone got any recommendations? pictures will be up soon this week!
  15. thanks for showing January's t-blog. Not bad on her balcony. Nicee.. I recently found and contact another vendor. Most probably will be getting them and doing self installation.. (half the price. i guess its not difficult to lay as I do not need the drainage cells).
  16. hi, u can try hommage. saw similiar one. 300+
  17. wow.. artificial turf.. I tot im the only one who wants to put those at my balcony.. hehe.. anyways, looking at your photos, B looks more grass-ier.. A looks too green. i.e. too plastic-ish. haha. I would prefer something that looks like real grass turf... anyways, where do you get those? I found one at far east flora @Kovan there.
  18. hey, nice reno there.. anyways how much did u paid for the balcony doors? also, i intend to have the wallclock made from the ikea frame.. u DIY or bought it somewhere?
  19. I'm looking for a ceiling fan installer. I bought my fan already and it has been months left in the storeroom. Electrical point available. Pm me if you have good and cheap contacts. Thanks.
  20. nice buys from HN sale. may i know how much u paid for the onkyo?
  21. is this thread dead? i have not received any PM for Ah Wei's contact.. anyone else willing to share....
  22. we changed our minds.. wil be getting PAC wardrobes from IKEA instead. more cost efficient and modular.