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  1. hi, really nice house! Your reno very nice. You purchased those bricks from Taobao? I wanna do that but don't know how to do the purchase (Not goo with Chinese characters and clueless how to order from Taobao). Anyone can help to advise? or provide me the link? Many many many thanks.
  2. I am still thinking of what to do to my patio. So far, I am thinking to put outdoor dining set and outdoor sofa set. Guess the area is for us to hang laundry to dry.. hahaha
  3. hi, I am keen to know how you DIY to sell too. Am planning to sell my EM too. Can share info with me?
  4. So many changes lately.... Many measures are introduced one after another! Haiz~~~
  5. Just to share. My friend received her keys about 9months ahead of her expected TOP. And now she's caught with the need and rush to meet up with IDs to discuss and compare quote.... So she was telling me to start after 2014CNY since my expected TOP is on 2015 (Dev did mentioned that they are working towards 1stQ 2015). So, can anyone advise whether I should wait first or rather now start getting few referrals and see their workmanship first before start talking to them or I will just proceed to give them my floor plan after next CNY? (Next CNY is only about in 10months time!!) Looking at the calendar... It's really scary and ow fast time flies.....
  6. Hmm... Wondering if this is good news if EMs are going the path of HUDC.
  7. Oh! Tats really bad news! My flats all managed to level up and we used the balcony area as our livable area.... But that was done years ago! Nw my em in housing and current 5room also both leveled n extended our living area.
  8. Congrats! Glad to see more EM owners! Shall be waiting to see your reno process updates
  9. Hi mrcontractor, Thanks for the very useful tips and it does help us a lot. Meanwhile, can I ask normally when is a good time to start visiting ID & contractor? Do you think if I am looking at comparing quotes and designs from 5 IDs & 5 contractors.... Start about 6months before TOP is ok? Hear from you soon. Thanks
  10. Just wondering whether the recent cooling measures will affect this launch...
  11. Thanks May_dream1 As we travels a lot and also can't be going to visit and meet up with ID on every weekends... Thus was thinking to start shopping for ID on early2014 (taking ino consideration that we can most meet up only 1 ID each month). Is that still ok?
  12. Hi batman, Wow! That really sounds so 'army' wor... Hehe Does any of you heard of this 'smart window'? I'm wondering whether ground floor patio units can install that or not..... Ofcos still must get the prior approval from management. As for the installing of this smart window, it does not require any drilling of whatever into the structure. We just need to install the track and that's it. Hmmmm..... Wondering wondering...
  13. Good price for your EM. How much you got for your new place at Citylife? When is this TOP? So, meanwhile u still stay in your EM till Citylife TOP? I got my EM at only $355k in 2008. Lucky bought early cos looking at current price... It's simply super high! Meanwhile, I'm looking for ideas and info on reno the EM... Cos I planned to reno my EM next year. Waiting for your more photos upload here.
  14. Congrats! Where is your DBSS flat? Well, I'm also wondering when will be good time to start looking around for ID as my new place also ready end 2014.
  15. Dear all, As I'm expecting my new place to be ready in end2014 or early2015. When should I start shopping around for ID? If I were to start shopping from early2014... Will it be too early? Cos I want to reno almost immediate once TOP and collected keys as we need to move in fast fast. Advise please. Much appreciated. Thanks thanks!
  16. Yeah, got to check with the management on the approval... But actually I don't see any reason why they don't allow to install... It's not as if we erect and build any structure lor.