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  1. Hi Your place looks awesome! Do you mind sharing with me the contacts of your main con, electrician and the WIW? Thanks!!!
  2. Hi Can you PM me Nick's contact as well? Thank you very much!
  3. Hi dxhan! Very nice place you have got! Do you mind sharing with me who is the home theatre guys?
  4. Your digital locks are super nice! Can I have the link to the locks please?
  5. Hi lovescandi Can you please PM me your contractor's contact! Thank you very much!
  6. Hi ec55! Any updates to your place? I would love to see your place transforming into your home! Your floorplan looks amazing and seems to be with endless possibilities!
  7. Hi Kim Can I check with you, regarding transformer, do I need to look out for any specific stuff? like Watt, Hz or anything in particular for different electronics?
  8. As for TV brand, it seems like Samsung is more popular than others. Electronics is more about luck in fact, if you go with the few big name brands, you should be fine with any in fact. It is more dependent on luck if you would get a lemon product or not. Depending on your media consumption, for UHD, the sources now are not a lot for now. If I am not wrong, mediacorp's digital should be until 1080p, so UHD may be overkill for now but could be more future proof. If you watch a lot of blu-ray, then UHD may be worth it. I recommend getting the biggest size TV you can since it is likely you will get used to the size after awhile.
  9. Hi Sapphire89 Congrats on your new place!! The layout of your house is almost exactly the same as the 1 I took, HHS being unconventional....except mine is 3 years later... Excited to see how your new place would turn out to be!
  10. Hi ZzzMonster! Congrats on your new place! I have a good time reading your blog! Please keep the post coming! =D
  11. Poof! Finally read finish all 87 pages! Nice sharing on all the loots that you all have got! Kim, can I just check with you, for the tide pods detergent, what is the estimated load for 1 pod?