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  1. can get a design & build builder that handles the submission. tks
  2. Perhaps you can meet up some contractors for some quotations before deciding..tks
  3. Even if the ID is not experienced but at least their subcontractors who are supposedly more experienced will not deliver such works.. Well what I can say is rectify what you cant accept and above all don ruin your joy of setting up a home here.
  4. This type of workmanship is not acceptable at all. The contractors do not take pride in their work with such shoddy works. Sorry to hear of your experience.
  5. The type of roof design and area will determine the viability of using solar energy. Better to do it after TOP.
  6. If you rebuild you can maximise your build up for more living space. Agree that depending on your design & 300 psf looks workable for design & build reconstruction. Hope that helps.
  7. We did something similar recently, this budget is doable subject to the overall scope of works such as changing roof, upgrade the electricity supply etc. I can pm you my builder if required. Thanks
  8. Any good recommendation for vendor for a good quality sliding gate mechanism ? Thanks