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  1. Nice home! Dun mind can share who is your Id and how much u spend in total! Kindly PM me ! TIA
  2. Hi! I like your lights that you bought. May I know what is the shop name? TIA
  3. Hi! Anyone got good contractors to recommend? Going to get my keys in Q1 2014 so starting to look around ! TIA
  4. Love the simple design of your house! Love the tiles of your kitchen? May I know did you get them from Hafary? TIA
  5. Wow! Love your vintage stuffs! May I know where you get them? TIA
  6. Hi ! Love the overall design of your house! Thinking of getting Mr K to do my house but scare that he has too many projects on hands.
  7. Hi, Love the concept of your house and it is what my husband and I had always wanted. Can kindly PM me your ID ? Nowadays so difficult to find a ID that shares the same idea! TIA :good: