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  1. Selling different types of light bulbs as per pictures. Take entire edison collection for $80 Philips Tornado E27 light bulbs - $5 for both (12W and 8W) Ikea Ryet - 1 unopen 1 open just to test, selling 2 box for $14 (original price $7.90/box)
  2. from what i know, induction hob you need to use those pots and pans which are magnetic, as the induction works in such a way that when the surface detects a magnetic field then it will turn on. for ceramic hob is you turn on, there will be the red colour heating elements being heated up. induction more child friendly you can say
  3. Hi, what I meant is the electrical light switches you got for you house. Where did you get it from?
  4. Brother ocean, for the kettle how does the power socket look like? Is it the US 2 pin kind? Cause I bought one kettle from amazon and when it arrive the plug is not the standard 3 pin kind
  5. Can I have the link where you bought your zig zag light. Am looking for something like that too
  6. how much did you fork out to re-route the aircon pipings?
  7. sometimes i think this kind of thing is heng sway nope, am not installing rain shower
  8. i also want to use this model, but exactly which model is suitable or better or what are the difference I'm also not very sure, still thinking which to install for my place.
  9. want to do the same as your front entrance, but worried that when TC do the washing, water will seep below the vinyl. I walked past your place yesterday, from the outside look like country style with the design at the bottom of the wall.