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  1. Hi, can you recommend and quote for 1. Hdb 5 room bto with master and common bath 2. Using rain shower for master room 3. 3 -4 adults 4. Hot water pipe for kitchen sink. Thanks
  2. Thanks so much for the info! To adjust to 815mm, do you need to remove the top of the dishwasher?
  3. Hi duomaxwell, Can you kindly share the height of the kitchen countertop? My ID said that because my dishwasher height is 845mm, the total kitchen countertop height is about 36inch. Concern is that it may be too high for my height
  4. I ordered the water filtration system with free shipping too! Looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Wow your tidbit corner is really neat! Very well thought out design I'm going to order the APEC water filtration system soon. Just curious, did you have to pay for the shipping of the APEC filtration system?
  6. Thanks so much for your explanation! Was thinking whether we should get a hot water point for the kitchen tap. How's the review of the APEC filtration system? We're keen to get one too. Do you further boil the filtered water or just drink directly from the tap?
  7. Your place looks amazing! For your Grohe Eurodisc Cosmopolitan Kitchen Mixer - do you ask the plumber to insert additional hot water point for the kitchen mixer? So it means that you will have both hot and cold tap water from the kitchen, and room temperature water from the APEC filtration system? Thanks!
  8. Thanks Jos! Looks like I can try to DIY myself, but dunno if ID will allow me to keep the leftover cement.
  9. Hi Jos, Can you share how you did the DIY bomb shelter ventilation? Thanks!
  10. your kitchen top looks so good!! do you know if it's easy to maintain? The wiring part is really informative, does this help to achieve a 'surround sound system'?
  11. Thanks dxhan! I've emailed them, waiting for their quotation. Wishing you a smooth renovation!
  12. Hi dxhan, Love your oak floors! Is it more durable than burmese teak and do you mind sharing the psf price of it? I called WOW floors on Saturday and it seems that their showroom is not open on Saturday. TIA!
  13. Hi Kara! You have 2 drawers under the sink, how did your carpenter fabricate that and what do you store inside? Usually the contractor will tell me that below the sink is just casement door for storing detergent. TIA!
  14. The foam insulation is really new to me, I didn't know that's how partition walls are constructed. By the way, which dishwasher will you be getting? I'm also buying one for my new place. Looks like we have some stuff in common