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  1. Chemical wash is part of any renovation, its just something you have to do after renovation to make you flooring look flawless
  2. Never even knew there was such a thing with older flats, good post
  3. TS i think that its better to just buy an entire tap of the same model or some other model because not all shops will carry the spare parts of different kinds of taps as they will only carry the common ones, alternatively if the tap manufacturer has a distributor in sg, maybe he can help else its just better to get an entire new set in my opinion
  4. Actually why you don't want skirtings? It would make your house look nice
  5. Its very common actually for parquet to have this termite problem hence sometimes a sealer would help after laying the parquet down in my own opinion
  6. In my opinion it looks rather secure, you have nothing to worry at all TS
  7. Especially wooden floors when mopping always do it softly else will have scracthes
  8. You make a good point actually, there is some thinking that darker coloured tiles make dirt invisible, but i think it depends on the type also, hmm
  9. This is very true actually, notice that alot about silicone as well
  10. You can usually maintain your granite tiles by using something called HCL89. I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com What it does is that it removes any stains as well as cleans your granite tiles. It also helps to create a protection for it so that your granite tiles always remains new. Hope this helps you out
  11. For carpenters Jalan Besar have many shops for these, can try to rackey the area