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  1. Its more than that actually because hardwood is tougher and might be resistant to elements unlike parquet over the long term
  2. What type of house is yours? condo or landed?
  3. The thing is no matter what colour grout you use you will still need to spend time and effort to keep your grouts clean
  4. Parquet seems to always turn out this way although it may look rather nice but there is alot of maintenance going into parquet floorings too
  5. But i guess if you have a mold problem then the black silicon would make the problem less obvious in my opinion
  6. Actually molds are really like ghosts, they always seem to return
  7. Oh correct skirting usually should be around living room area, thanks for pointing that out
  8. This type of job quite common and most contractors should be able to handle it
  9. What an ambience it must be, lol
  10. First time in my life i heard any contractor does this, hmm
  11. I would agree as well, having a base is a better option
  12. I am actually planning to do something similar, hmm, would be nice if someone had a similar experience to share