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  1. Once the concrete is place, how to give it the barnish look?
  2. So worm tea was a bad idea. Im thinking of using some of thered soil from downstairs our flat. There is some renovations going on so might ask the banglaguys to fill in a bucket of soil for me. Just gotta treat it for pests i guess...
  3. I keep money plants and ferns, any one knows how big a pot would i need if im planning to plant sun flowers in the corridor?
  4. If ou use a metal mosquito nt it wont block the view, ifyou are grtting grills can ask thevendor to ad an extra layer/window holder with th net ina way it can also open.
  5. Ask at any wine bar if you drop by. I mean, have a drink and casullay ask the manager or any empty left ovr wooden crates, 50% times they can give 1 or 2 crates for free. You use carrosel? I think there was a seller for those. Will update if Ifind any.
  6. Can try the card box scratching pads and sprinkle a bit of catnip on it. That keeps my cat going to the scratch pad and tends to almost ignore our sofa. A good 30-45 cm does tne work.
  7. Hello guys im planing on buying a Seagate Personal Cloud for my home but not sure if is the right choice, any advice?
  8. Do they sell spare parts? Im looking for a toilet water top cover.
  9. I have a pot with mint plant in my toilet outside. In the master a toilet we have a small basket with popurri that gives a nice scent, so it does not smell so much like toilet. Mt sepola is nice, but yeah very high maintenace. Also dust makes small clogs after a few days so oil is troublesome.
  10. Hello guys, does any one know where i can get a spare for the toilet tank top? I do not need the whole toilet bowl just the cover for the water tank. If you have the shop name or contact would be great. Thanks.