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  1. hi jimmya, yes. true, i also got my reno contractor through this forum and from ur recommendation. thanks ya. also great help on the reviews in this forum too. thanks renotalk as well. hope renotalk can do better.
  2. hi tiffanytlh, ya, its very expensive. should be 1600-1800 only depends on ur size. plumbling and wardrobe also on the higher side too. i do my shower screen only 500. if u feel good with the id, then go ahead n ask for discount. most important u must be happy and comfortable too..
  3. hi tiffanytlh, saw ur quote, certain things a bit on the higher side. ceiling, plumbling, glass... but not the extend of very expensive. just my thought. maybe ur ceiling is very special designs?
  4. hi tanks, the quote is ok, reasonable compared with good workmanship. i also did the reno too. are you using alan from xxx? bcoz ur quote is very similiar to mine. if yes, u will not regret, very nice quality. i pm u. so far this my reno is very satisified with their works. some pictures for u. really u can consider him.
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  7. hi aloha, ya like what pdark says, theres no breakdown so dunno if its overcharged or not. check other quotes. cheers.
  8. hi dba, most of the time will add abit. bcoz only at the actual side then the contractor will tell u there's an area or something that needs to cover up, u can only see at ur actual house. but its all up to u. on floor plan cannot see the edges.. i also pay a little more to cover my edges...a few hundred only la. haha.
  9. hi dba, just like what pdark says, as long as u are comfortable, n price is right, then just carry on. look at me, i am taking my keys this august and i only confirm my reno in late june, now i am rushing time to buy lightings, sound system, etc...bcoz need to hide wires behind feature walls... just like what my id says, u will need at least 2 mths before taking ur keys to prepare. like design, concepts, 3d drawings will take another 5-7 days, n usually will change designs again. choosing of flooring , cupboard materials, etc.... then my wife n i had to spend 4 sat n suns to look for lights, toilets, furniture, blah blah blah.... left with only 1 mth.....headache. so have more time to prepare will be better. take care.
  10. hi, i am using gene chia from 3d. Will recommend him. So far hë's attentive enough and knows what i want. Even at 2.30am i mgs him and surprising he reply. we talk on my house reno for another 30 mins too. All my things that i want, he went to source for me and brought me around to curtains, lightings shop, sanitary. Heard jayden, bryan, jimmy all not bad too. Been to their office and all of them are quite friendly too. I think all their staff are all well trained therefore no regrets. Thumbs up to the people of 3D. Everything is good. cheers. alantang