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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Looks like I need to venture into Amazon soon
  2. May I know where did you get the battery powered lightings? They look great with the shelves!
  3. Hello! Your house is looking real nice in black and white! may I know where did you get the low shelves for your toys? You did up your own lightings for the shelves or was it done by an electrician? Thank you!
  4. @Tigaroo hope the appliances do not fail us! We did not really do homework on those appliances. Hello @Stream! Thank you! Actually this does not come across my mind at all! This is our first home and we are not sure of all these. Contractor E/tiler did not mention about this. I have to check with them the next time I see them. I definitely do not wish to see my beloved tiles popping anytime soon Hello @Changbp I do not have a picture of the hook before the installation but when the Elmark electrician showed it to me, the Singapore version of rod is much shorter than the "short" version of Tampoi's (Tampoi's sells a modified short version of the rod) maybe it could be one of the reason why it's not as wobbly. I'll take a picture of it the next time I go to the new house Hello @lyn2015! Unfortunately there was a change of plan and we decided not to use kompacplus in the end
  5. Hi @psyche7 It's Blanco's Naya 6 granite sink and cost $359 from Hoe Kee
  6. The parquet flooring looks really good! The tiler must had put in a lot of effort for this. Can't wait to see how it looks like after varnishing!
  7. Kitchen walls painted and ready for kitchen's carpentry! Shortly after that the rest of the carpentry were up too! Undermount blanco sink Love the way J & E do the wooden backing for switches Did you spot a problem with the hob and oven? The alignment is off! The oven was supposed to be in the middle of the hob and it is not. Must get this rectified if not I think I cannot live with this Altar + shoe and storage cabinets. This piece of carpentry turned out to be so much bigger that what was discussed and I was shocked to see it when I went down after it was up. But later on decide to just leave it as it is so that there will be more storage space but that also means we must make changes to the dining table area. Meanwhile the first batch of taobao loots had arrived! Whole house lightings are in this batch of shipment which got major delayed due to CNY holidays. Basin + tap set for MBR. It looks really nice! Highly recommended! Lights are finally up and we do not have to rely on our mobile phones torch lights anymore! Track lights for kitchen and part of the carpentry is back to the factory for rectification. Spider lights for dining area. Love the Edison light bulbs but need to change to LED soon to save on electricity bills Light at main door entrance. It was originally in black and I do not want whole house lightings to be in black so we spray painted this to mint green and love it! MBR lightings. I would prefer the dressing table lighting to be lower but it was too late because electrician had already cut off the excess wires as they thought that I am going to have mirror backing MBR entrance we misplaced the black base for ceiling for this lighting and waiting for seller to resend us and the hubby will replace it when it's here! Also spray painted this into pink! MBR toilet also spray painted to mint green! One of the wire on this lighting is a little dented when it arrived need to bend it a little. It wasn't perfect but guess we could accept it it's really pretty! Bomb shelter & service yard lighting are the same except colour Vento Fino 2 is up in MBR too! But electrician will need to add casing to the wires. We did not get the electrician to install the Elmark fans that we got from JB. The electrician shared that they had tried to install many JB Elmark's fan and it's always very wobbly due to the U hook for Malaysia kind of ceiling. Instead of paying them to do and in the end we get wobbly fans, he shared that one of the client actually got Elmark Singapore to install for her and bought the ceiling fan hook that is meant for Singapore kind of ceiling but he is not sure of the cost. I called up Elmark Singapore and got them to come down to install the 3 Elmark fans instead! It cost $50 per fan and $30 transport charges. Optional items are the hook that was mentioned previously. It cost $45 per hook. The Elmark technician said that it is ok that we do not buy the hook but he said it will be wobbly as well due to the U hook. We had seen friends who used the Malaysia's U hook and fhe Elmark fan was really very wobbly. Since it's for long term usage we decided to just purchase the local Elmark ceiling hooks. The fans are indeed not wobbly after the installation. Would not recommend getting the 3 tone LED light from Tampoi because though the fans does not wobble the light kit does! It is because that light kit was meant for ceilings and there's only 1 single hook support and the Elmark technician recommend us to change the light kit to something with more support so that it will be perfect. Well, next time maybe! Since we already bought it we will just use it till it spoils. There are too many other things to spend on during renovations.
  8. Kitchen walls are screeded and ready to be painted! My original HDB tiles are really ugly and I hated it! Vinyl flooring by Evorich is also up in the living room and I got a shock when I saw the joint line trimmings they are so bulky and ugly! It was supposed to be a metal trimming and I was told that they were out of stocks. The silicone that they did between the skirting and vinyl was also very bad! It's just sloppy works with uneven silicone all over. need to change the trimmings and redo the silicone again. Part of the carpentry were up as well Mirror frame for MBR toilet the left side are aircon piping and contractor J used the laminates to covered them up. Vanity top MBR wardrobe MBR headboard + dressing table. We had dropped platform bed because after seeing the 3D I felt that it makes the room look too busy and congested because our MBR is really very small Due to the beam at the back, either we spend $ to box it up or make a headboard so that when we place our bed there wouldn't have a gap at the back. Since box up are not cheap hence decided to just spend abit more to do a half height headboard. Casement wardrobe for Bedroom 3
  9. Hello @sganimefan @bB2121 I cannot remember the exact price but they were around RM1200 and comes with LED 3 tone lighting. The fan was too big for the room with casement door (bedroom 3) hence need to do some adjustment on the top door. Not the prettiest thing but at least it will not hit the fan when the door is opened. Will show pics soon! Hello @kingandbin! Thanks for reading my blog! I totally understand what you are going through! Overlay toilet walls + flooring really takes up quite fair bit into the budget But my original HDB tiles are too ugly!! I hated them to the core! After I had overlayed my MBR toilet now I think my common toilet looks like kopitiam because they are so blah and ugly! But too bad we really have no more budget for common toilet Initially we only wanted to overlay walls to save cost but after contractors J & E told us that if we overlay the floor we do not need to do a shower kerb (I forgot the reason I think was because of shower screen or something) then we decide just go ahead with it! It indeed looks more sleek without shower kerbs. Hello @ricepapergirl thanks for popping by!! I had been a silent reader for your blog and I love your hexagon tiles too!! I wished I had an ID to incorporate colors for me as initially I wanted to mix some colors in but I am afraid that it will turn out to be a flop hence I decide to have all white to be on the safe side! Your mix of colors is looking really
  10. some of the items are delivered! Fans that we bought from JB earlier. we bought 3 elmark 52" ceiling fan with lights because the salesperson said that 52" and 42" is the same price. Being the kiasu Singaporeans of cuz get the 52" so can be more windy right? But we later found out that it was a bad choice! It was too big for our rooms I did not have to pay GST for our tampoi purchase as we bought it during a road trip to Malaysia and if you stayed in Malaysia for more than 48hours (I think) you are entitled to more GST relief per person!
  11. As my renovation already started few months back and there was a hiatus due to CNY break + our our too chillax mentality it is still not 100% completed as of now. Next up will be electrical. We made some planning on the electrical points that we want so that we can go through. Electrical works are so expensive! We do not wish to spend too much on this and hopefully we can keep it below $2000. Hence we try to minimize a lot of added points or lighting points if possible. Initial plans for our electrical along the way there were some changes here and there and we met the electrician total of 3 times to confirm on the changes. Hubby is not too happy with the electrician because we wanted to have a 2 way switch in our MBR but electrician insist that we cannot have it due to some reasons which I don't understand what are they talking it's all electrical terms finally after many debates and test by hubby he confirm that it definitely can be done! So he talked to electrician again and he finally said it can be done and used some excuses to said why previously he said it cannot be done etc. Contractor E was shocked to hear that electrician refuse to do 2 way switch for us because he said electrician did the same 2 way switch for our upstairs Neighbour! Hubby was very persistent on the 2 way switch in the bedroom because he thinks that if he don't do it in future he will be the one who will get up from the bed to off the lights
  12. More pics of the MBR toilet tiler had also completed on the kitchen cabinet base and used leftover floor tiles to tile our entrance. trying to place the backsplash tiles on the floor to get a better idea of what to expect
  13. After confirming with Contractor E on the tiles he fast hand fast leg and the tiles was delivered to our house in the next few days and when I went down on one weekend I was surprised to see that tiler already started tiling MBR toilet! At this point of time we have not even paid any single cent to him yet! As for the floor tiler was asking us if we wanted it to be placed vertically or horizontally. He said that horizontally allows better water flow but later part when he was working on the floor, contractor E called and said tiler found out that floor tiles placed vertically for our toilet will be better for water flow hence it will be placed vertically instead. 10 days later the overlay of our MBR is completed! The honeycomb tiles are laid very neatly and tiler told us that he had put in a lot of effort to lay the honeycomb tiles because they are very difficult to lay and he need to make sure that the alignment are done properly due to the all the tiles may not be cut properly by tiles supplier. He said normally he take 1-3 days to overlay toilet but ours was exceptionally long. Contractor E also told us that this tiler is the best tiler they had Really very good job! Super happy with the outcome. No regrets spending $ on this!
  14. When I thought that tiles choosing was bad, choosing the right laminates was even worse!! There are so many kind of laminates to choose from! This was the point of time I wished that I had chosen an ID so that someone can guide me along on what to choose will turn out nicer. I am so afraid that the chosen laminate when used on carpentry turns out to be not what I had imagined and there is no turning back by then. I had always wanted to use Kompacplus for kitchen because I like the wood grain and sleekness of the tabletop. Decided to use New York Teak for kitchen and white solid top for MBR toilet vanity to save cost. As for Vinyl overlay, we had decided to just overlay living room to save cost as our rooms already come with parquet. Should we decide to overlay the rooms again we will do it in future. Choose Amsterdam Eggshell from Evorich.
  15. Decisions making time! Ever since I had started our renovations, I felt that there are so many things that needed decisions! I felt that I had never made so much decisions before and what makes it worse is I am a super indecisive person which sometimes drives hubby and J & E crazy lol! We had decided to drop the idea of overlaying common toilet due to budget constraints. Kitchen will be screeded and paint over hence I need to choose tiles for MBR toilet and kitchen backsplash. I spend the longest time deciding on these. I think I changed my mind like x times cannot decide if I want to have feature wall in the toilet or not etc went Hafary like 4 times before decided on the below. Tiles for backsplash MBR toilet walls And MBR toilet floor
  16. Purchases I have always been a fan of Taobao for a long time. From the days when we need an agent to do purchase for us till now the shopping experience on Taobao is so much easier! I used eTrove ship for me for my shipments and so far I have done 3 shipments with them and all are pleasant experience. Till date I had spend more than $5000 on Taobao and still counting! There are just too many things to buy from Taobao these are the stuffs that I had bought and received and so far all the items are received in good condition except a broken bulb and some dents but it's acceptable for the savings that I get! Other Purchases We totally have no idea what Hood, hob and oven to buy so just get one which is within our Budget. I am impressed with the hob because the salesperson demostrated to us and told us that it will not trap food debris inside the flame area thus easier cleaning. No need to clean so much of cuz I must buy! Blanco Naya 6 Joven storage heater 35L Bought 3 of these Elmark fans from JB Tampoi and 1 Vento Fino 2
  17. The hunting for IDs/Contractors! We are quite chillax about the renovations hence we are just taking our own sweet time for everything! We got the keys in Nov 2015 and only start hunting for IDs/contractors after we get our keys. There here are a few things in our mind that we MUST have and some of them are things that we will do if we have extra budget Vinyl overlay. We love the looks of vinyl and it really brings out the coziness in a house hence it is a must! Platform bed + dressing table in MBR Overlay toilets walls Overlay kitchen walls Vanity + mirror for MBR toilet Altar (my mum is moving in with us hence she insist on this and we must think of a way to have altar in the Scandinavian way! Brick wall Doesn't seem to be a lot of things right but unfortunely our initial budget of 25k a not enough for all the things that we wanted! Which we had then increased our budget to 30k. ID K This is the first time that we are meeting up with an ID and totally do not know what to expect. This ID firm was from suggested post on Facebook (advertisement) i sent a msg to the firm to request for a meetup. 10mins into the conversation the ID is immediately eliminated! I told him that I wanted to have peranakan tiles somewhere in the house and he asked me what are peranakan tiles After we left, he sent us the quotation and kept asking us to meetup again which obviously we are not going to meet him again! #kthxbye Contractor N We informed contractor N on our requirements and budget and quote was close to budget. The discussion was okay but we are not sure if we can connect to him well. Able to work with our budget, provides solutions and suggestions to our design and provides 3D. *Shortlisted* Contractor E Recommended by our sis in law. Soft spoken lady with ID background. Able to give suggestions on how to save $ on some places. Fast response and price was around our budget as well. Due to this contractor does not have a registered business in Singapore and we are afraid to take risks but she did a pretty good job for our sis in law house *KIV-ed* Contractor K Recommended by a friend of ours who used him for their house. Seems like a one man show contractor who sub-con out all the renovations with him managing the project. Everything we requested is do-able accordingly to him which we had our doubts on over promising as other contractors we met up with had informed us that some of the things we wanna do are not feasible. Quote is higher and due to no confidence in him. *dropped* ID C Met up with ID C and his assistant at our house for on site quotation. Discussion went very well and good vibes with them. Met up a week later again to review on quotation and initial mood board. Quotation is WAYYY above our budget but lotsa things that we did not request are added in as well. Even after taking out these items the quotation should still be in high 30k+. Requested for soft copy to be sent to email and unfortunately waited for 2 weeks and that email did not come. We are actually quite keen on them as the communication was really good and ID C seems to really know his stuffs very well. It was till I was ready to sign with another contractor then ID C check back with me on the quotation again which he claims had been sent. But it was a little too late as we had already did decided to sign up with another contractor. Contractor J & E This duo team needs no introduction. Highly sought after in the Renotalk community. Met up with them at our new home. Contractor J being the carpentry boss sketches all the carpentry on the spot. Rejected a lot of my ideas because he said not worth the $ but because of that hubby is very impressed by him and likes him a lot! Quotation was slightly above our budget and since good vibes + hubby likes them of cuz shortlisted! *eventually signed up with J & E!*
  18. Hello Everyone! Our renovations are coming to an end soon and I guess we are ready to share our experiences! I had been a silent reader of Renotalk T-blog for the longest time since we started balloting for BTO. We had been pretty unlucky that all the queue numbers we have are mostly out of the available units which means that by the time we can choose the units it's always left with low floors! Finally in year 2010, we got a queue number which is within the available units and finally get to choose a mid-floor unit! No fish prawn also good right? If we keep on balloting we will be donating endless $10 to HDB! I hope my humble blog can help someone during their renovation journey. Here's our floor plan to kick start my T-blog! Mood Board As the title of my blog suggests, I am looking at neutral colors for my crib so that I can add on colors on the decoration later on. These are the ideas I have in mind before the hunting of IDs/contractors
  19. Yeap! I agree. Both J & E are nice ppl! I will try asking from E hahaha! Mine going to handover soon waiting for updated VO from E.
  20. Love your kitchen cabinets and flooring! i I am with J&E as well and I totally understand you frustrations of E can sometimes be quite forgetful and it is indeed frustrating at times that it was mentioned many times but yet not done accordingly. I don't really get any free things from him! I guess I am super bad at bargaining.
  21. lalashir


  22. Hi! Tried to pm you but unable. Can you share your quotation and ID contact? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi! Your reno Is looking good! 👍🏻 been following your blog and finally saw some updates today! Can you share if the lourves door was sourced by you or your ID? You have the contacts for the door? Can you also share the taobao link for the black door knob? If possible can let me know your Reno quote + your ID contacts? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi! Can you share your quotation for renovation and blinds? Thank you in advance
  25. Hello! I have been bookmarking all your taobao loots from taobao fb group and glad to see your t-blog! Your house is very nicely done! Can you share with me your renovation quotation and contacts? Thank you!