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  1. Hi, did you have a concrete counter support for your basin (1st picture)? How do they put the carpentry e.g. drawers and doors in it? Care to show the interior please? Thank you.
  2. Hi Junlong May i seek your professional advice if we should build a concrete support for a breakfast/bar counter?
  3. Hi there Your house is lovely! I will be collecting my keys to my BTO flat. Am also looking for a contractor as i already have my own designs and ideas in mind. Do you mind sharing your contractor's contacts with me? Thanks.
  4. Hi Lucidacid, I refer to the first pic above. What and how did you do those vertical lines on your household shelter hole?
  5. Hi Yelana I will be receiving my BTO flat next year. I appreciate it if you could assist in letting me have the following: - i read you had visited a YT factory selling doors. May I know which company is that? - your carpenters' contacts Thank you
  6. Hi jimmya I am receiving my BTO flat next year. May I get your contractor's contact too? Thanks for sharing.