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  1. Hi, I would like to renovate my new BTO 4-room flat. Do you have any recommendation for contractor and carpenters?

    Shu Ying


  2. got very bad experience with this Fullhouse (also advertised as Divano) @ Sims Ave. Bought an queen bed set on 12 November 2015 and the sales person (SP1) promised to upgrade the bedframe to better set instead of the 4 standard design. Bad encounter 1 - went back in Jan 16 to confirm the bedframe however SP1 was not around and the other sales person (SP2) said i can only choose the 4 standard types of bedframe. I insisted him to call SP1 to clarify. Eventually, i had to go back another day when SP1 was on duty. Matter resolved. Bad encounter 2 - the delivered is on 20 Feb, I had called their customer service on 19 Feb to re-confirm the delivery and the customer service confirmed the delivery. However, only mattress was delivered and no news on the bed frame. I waited for the whole day and nobody called. I called the customer service on next working day, she couldn't explain why and kept saying she had asked the delivery factory to call me. After several calls, she gave me the factory number and ask me to call the factory directly. The factory also said they need to check and will call me back. Finally one guy called back to inform that the bedframe delivery would be roughly by end of Mar 16 and he will call me to confirm the date again. I am very upset as all the dates for moving in the new house has been fixed according the fengshui. In fact, i have make 2 weeks buffer but didnt expected it will be 5 weeks delay. I called the customer service to INFORM her about this and requested a refund. she said she will ask her manager to call me. Again MIA... Think twice before make any purchase with this co. Just sharing.
  3. there is one good product from Selleys which can whitening the toilet/ kitchen tiles easily. Dun know how to attach the photo here. The packaging is in tube form, something like toothpaste tube but bigger. The wordings on the tube is "Selleys White Stain Whitener". The tube colour is white and blue. I found this in Seletar Mall basement's hardware shops (not selfix). The shop next to Texas Chicken.
  4. i think roughly $12k +/ -. assume u will need solid top for bottom kitchen cabinet too. Just get one or two contractor to go to ur house and provide u a quote.
  5. recently engaged Jin's Brother. Service is excellent. My white marble looks clean and whiter. HDB 4 room size : 90m2. The polishing to living room + 3 bedrooms is @ $838, the unit cost is $1.3/sqft. Minimum charges is $560. At least i was hesitated to polish living room marble as seller told me they have polished it 2 months ago, but the condition of marble still look dirty. I decided to give it a try since the diff is only $278. Jin's bro suppose to start work at 9am, but they are able to accommodate my request to start work ard 8.30am due to FS master's advice. However, the crack lines and yellowish stains are still visible after the polishing. i didnt expect these lines and stains can be totally gone also, afterall the flooring is almost 15 years. Just for sharing
  6. just to share, i understand from other forum, u may try BB hardware @ holland area
  7. hi, best is u can get techno to check if servicing or filter replacement is required. I have recently contacted a kitchen hoods servicing contractor who charge servicing @ $80 (additional cost of $10 for CNY period) and upto $95 if need to change charcoal filter. My current hoods is a normal type hoods which probably costs $400 +/- and use for many years , hence find it is better to change new one
  8. hi, looking for LED lightings for whole house, KDK fans, pls pm me the catalogue. many thanks
  9. Autumnleaf


    my fsm is Master Chen from TPY. I engaged his service cos I have heard my friends talking about him since years ago, think he is quite famous in zi wei dou shu. So i just get him to look at my HDB 4 room resale flat. he charged me at $488 for fengshui consultation. u may go google to search for other ppl comments and his contact.