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  1. Most hardware shops will have it TS
  2. You got check with the manufacturer whether they have a distributor in sg? If not can also see on taobao might have there
  3. I don't think you can grind parquet from what i remember as parquet is basically wood, grinding it will cause alot scratches on the parquet
  4. Thats why personally i feel that using cement might be a better idea overall
  5. For granite stone which is rather tough so spills should not be much of an issue unless ofcourse you have marble
  6. You got try sim lim tower? They usually carry alot of such sensors. Can try and have a look
  7. But cost wise, vinyl or laminated is cheaper?
  8. I believe this is probably so, mold does seem to thrive more in areas with alot of moisture or wet areas
  9. L1 = Live 1, N1 = Neutral 1 Ps i can't see any pics?
  10. Yes i think that what she probably means, which is the skirting
  11. I guess to avoid moisture is to always have a well ventilated room or area especially with good sunlight
  12. Very good advice, especially try to avoid wood fittings