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  1. to me, chances and opportunities shd b given to those who work for it. if this id can't be bothered to protect his own rice bowl, y shd u bother? what excuse does he have for delivering shoddy work? if he is a responsible family man, then all the more he shd do all he can to ensure good work is delivered so that he gets enough work to provide for his family. if he doesn't have what it takes then he shd not run a business... for me, i will expose him. pple like him shd not b given another chance to harm others.
  2. hi all, water has been seeping into my walls whenever there's heavy rain. I've contacted both town council and hdb on this matter many times. for years, none of them have been able to solve this issue or identify where the water is seeping in from... my last resort now is to appeal to all out there to give me contacts of good experienced grouting experts who can help "catch" and seal up the water cracks in my walls. thank u u in advance
  3. can give me contractor's details? can pm me or email me at justetch@gmail.com thanks!!
  4. can you pm me list of hackers? i want to hack down partition boxes to expose pipes. thanks
  5. who is this joker? u shd reveal his name n company! nothing wrong in u exposing the facts in public. if u prefer, pm me the details of this contractor n I'll avoid him like plaque. I'll inform my frens n relatives to avoid them.